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  1. Frankly, posts like this scare me. We've a number of quotes out to customers using the Snom Mini and based on our conversations with our distributor, we believed the Snom Mini to be packaged with a full Yellow license. Is it a good deal? Yes - but its a deal breaker if we VARs look like fools in front of our customers. It is definitely not logical to assume that this is not a Yellow license because the price is lower - That is a pricing decision by Snom and the expectation is that the price is set like that to promote the sale of phones and other Snom product. There is also no documented upgrade path between the mini to either Yellow, Blue or the 5.x product. Distributors haven't been informed and there certainly hasn't been a communication via the webinar or other channels. There is a serious concern about the product management team at SnomOne, especially what is turning up around this new 5.x license model. PLEASE Please, be more transparent and verbose with your Vars. SnomOne is a good product but certainly doesn't outshine the competitors in what is a crowded marketplace. Help us front line people shine in front of the new Snom customers we're approaching.
  2. Red Alert! I agree fully with Hummig KG. The current licensing model is what SnomOne stand out among all the various pbx. The Free / Yellow / Blue model makes it very attractive for the SMB market with Snom phones. If Snom is going to a license model like this, 3CX will look much more attractive. Please do not mess with the licensing model.
  3. Can you give some examples of Switchboard applications that would be appropriate for your use?
  4. I have a Snom 821 phone that I've used for a 24 months and has been very stable on non-SnomOne pbxs. We recently switched to SnomOne and the phone now reboots itself every hour or so - As the log is cleared on the reboot, I'm not able to get a clear idea what is causing the phone to reboot. The phone is using the standard SnomOne pnp profile for an 821. When I do a factory reset on the phone and then just enter the minimum userid + password + registrar for the phone, it no longer reboots. Using SnomOne Delta Aurigids (CentOS32) Snom 821 Firmware 8.4.35 We have Snom 370, Snom 300 and other 821 phones registered. At least one other 821 is also rebooting or freezing regularly. How do you recommend I proceed to localize this issue. Obviously we can't have phone rebooting themselves on a regular basis.
  5. I've added the ANI in at the domain and extension level but still get a failure. It seems to be the Remote-Party=ID header of the Invite Remote-Party-ID: <sip:4032551591@voice.heliatool.com;user=phone> Is there a way to force this to not be the ANI/Caller-ID of the originating caller?
  6. Thanks for the reply to the newbie question. Routing is working properly.
  7. Our trunk providers require outbound calls to use a callerID number registered with the ITSP. If a call is made with a DID that doesn't belong to the ITSP, the call is rejected with a forbidden or not authorized. Can calls to tethered cell phones force the trunk ANI on the call?
  8. We have trunks from two ITSP providers and have half a dozen dids representing regional and department numbers. On our previous system, we would specify an inbound route defined by the DID and its destination. I've been looking through the documentation and its not apparent that multiple dids can be set up unless they are in a block. The "Extended Mode" does not allow for a list. I'm looking for a recommendation on how to do this. DID (403) 698-0700 to Extension 5007 DID (250) 469-9074 to Extension 5007 DID (604) 757-9104 to Extension 5007 DID (780) 401-1851 to Extension 5131 DID (780) 628-4050 to Extension 200 DID (403) 668-7895 to Extension 5001
  9. My provider requires a username and an auth username. The username is the ANI and the auth username is a 8 digit number. Currently the contact field of the INVITE looks like: Contact: <sip:89881048@;transport=udp> My provider would like it updated to include the ANI so it looks like Contact: <sip:14037752905@;transport=udp> I haven't seen any settings on the trunk page to update the contact field. How can I update the Contact field to include the ANI/Username instead of the auth username?
  10. I'm setting up a dialplan on the Snomone but having trouble with a pattern. [2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx I'm expecting this to match a number like 4034123456. Using the test area at the bottom of the dial plan screen, it does not. What am I doing wrong?
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