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  1. xy3

    AudioCodes MP-114 FXO gatway setup

    Vodia support, can you please share that CFG and any pointers regarding FXO configuration(s)? We've got an Audiocodes MP-114. Had no problem getting FXS ports working with Vodia mini but the FXOs remain a challenge. Please share ASAP.
  2. xy3

    Skype Connect seems to be not compatible

    Yep sounds like a cert issue to us too. Trouble is we're on a SoHo, and since no one has yet set the 'update' path for SoHo users to the new 4.5 build, we're still out here running '2011-'. Tried renaming that directory and restarting just for the hell of it.. but the newly created certs with 4.3.0 don't appear to help. Certifcates soon show: "VeriSign Class 3 Secure Server CA - G3 Rejected Root CA for server authentication" :-(
  3. xy3

    Problem with Skype SIP connection

    Yep. Our IP address here is not static so not a good option for us. We're hoping someone at snom will provide working certificate set.
  4. xy3

    Problem with Skype SIP connection

    We are having similar certificate issues.. but using a SoHo.. for which the alpha monocerotids release has not yet been made available (running 2011- Linux). Can 'Pradeep' (?) or someone post or PM a certificate set that will allow this to work?? Many thanks for your kind attention.
  5. xy3

    Skype Connect seems to be not compatible

    Get annoying "[#10171] You do not have permission to view this attachment." trying to download. Could someone PM me or open that up so others can view the doc? Many thanks.
  6. xy3

    Skype Connect seems to be not compatible

    Having trouble getting Skype setup here too.. but ur doc URL is now 404. Can you point to current location? Many thanks.
  7. SOLVED: The trick for us was getting that "ringtones.xml" file placed on the snom ONE build -- AND making sure there were no other registrations of extensions in question. Now working perfectly. Thanks for your help/guidance.
  8. Thanks for your reply. Excellent question, but I'm unable to inspect the 601's logs, so don't know for certain. Regarding the web interface, this is a SoHo build.. how might I load that file (=step by step for a snom newbie, pls) via the SoHo admin interface?
  9. So, we poked around and could not find a "ringtones.xml" on the snomONE SoHo build to alter. Found a 'modified for 'intercom use' file here: http://forum.snomone.com/index.php?/topic/3646-4104013-linux-intercom-not-working/ We placed it in the HTML directory, as suggested in the thread above, and re-started. (No idea how a current snomONE build (-5021) will refer out to that 'ringtones.xml' file.) Double checked that Polycom xxxxx.cfg file tells the set to use the right ring behavior in response to an "Auto Answer" in Alert-Info, as noted in many places. Still, no joy.. Sets just ring away like normal. Suggestions?
  10. Thanks! We'll give this a go today and report back.
  11. Got a pair of Polycom IP601 sets running SIP 3.1.7, snom ONE SoHo running 2011- Had "intercom" feature working great on them with a Trixbox solution. Now really struggling to get it working on the snom ONE. The sets just ring normally when the intercom prefix is applied (*90xxx). We made sure there were no other registrations of the extensions in use, and set permissions to allow sets to 'intercom' (feature works fine on the snom sets here, incidentally.) Then, we altered standard Polycom phonexxxx.cfg files to reflect what we *think* snom ONE's INVITE message might contain regarding alerting on an intercom call, e.g.: <alertInfo voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.2.value="intercom" voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.2.class="4" /> Also tried "answer-after" as a value. No joy. Ideas? Suggestions? Start drinking? (kidding) Any thoughts appreciated.
  12. We'd LOVE to see this available for SoHo!
  13. xy3

    SoHo - email not working

    Thanks. Any sense for when 4.5 will be available for SoHo?
  14. UPDATE: Resolved by adding certificate noted here: http://forum.snomone.com/index.php?/topic/3993-cannot-send-email-via-gmail-on-4203958/page__p__17173#entry17173
  15. xy3

    SoHo and Polycom sets

    RESOLVED: Excellent -- thanks. That worked.