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  1. Hi, We have a three Snom desk phones and 4 m9 DECTs connected to our Snom ONE Free (v4.5). The desk phones are really great, but the m9's have a lot of problems, so I wanted to connect up different DECT phones. My recollection was that you could connect up at least one non-Snom phone to the free version of the PBX, but I can't get the base for the RTX DECT phone I've just bought to connect to the PBX. Before I spend a lot of time trying to work out what's wrong, I just wanted to check that I was correct, and that a non-Snom phone could be connected to the free version of the PBX - is that the case? Thanks, Andrew
  2. I believe that WAV as a container is supported, just not GSM encoding inside it. According to the Nokia website, these are the codecs and containers supported by WP8: Codecs: MP3, AMR-WB, AMR-NB, WMA 10 Pro, WMA 9, AAC LC, AAC+/HEAAC, eAAC+/HEAACv2 Audio playback file formats: ASF, MP4, AAC, AMR, MP3, M4A, WMA, 3GP, 3G2 Cheers, Andrew
  3. phoneconvert.com does this. Would be nicer to be able to do this on the PBX though. Cheers, Andrew
  4. Sorry to take so long to reply - tried this setting, it doesn't make any difference whether it is true or false, the recordings can't be played back on a WP8 phone. It looks like the WP8 OS doesn't support WAV files in GSM format. Any other options? Thanks Andrew
  5. Just to check I didn't miss anything in that post - it's just reiterating that this is a problem for multiple vendors, not just Snom... there wasn't a fix in there? Cheers, Andrew
  6. Hi, Just found out from a client that the new Windows 8 Phones (in this case, the Nokia Lumia 920) don't support the format/version of WAV file created by Snom ONE - is it possible to change the format of the file to something else? This is with Snome ONE Delta Aurigids (Win64) Thanks, Andrew
  7. Hi, I've seen this problem on a couple of SnomONE systems now - with desk phones everything works fine, but on some m9 phones only the first item in the address book appears. I've seen this on phones with the 9.2.42 and 9.6.2 firmware on (thought upgrading to 9.6.2 might help but it didn't). The settings for the extension are the same as for other m9 phones that work. Any ideas on where to start troubleshooting? Cheers, Andrew
  8. Hi, I've set up an extension mailbox for extension 500 (registered on a Snom 821), with "allow access for extensions" set to 501 502 503. 501 is a Snom 821 also, but 502 and 503 are Snom m9's. On the Snom 821 (extension 501) the extension mailbox works as expected - the MWI light comes on when a VM is left on extension 500, and pressing the voicemail button causes the 500 mailbox be called and messages can be accessed straight away. With the m9 I'm having problems - for example, on extension 502 when a voicemail is left on 500, the "new voicemail" message appears on the m9 and the right hand button changes to "VM" (from "RSS") but pressing the VM button does nothing and shows "m" on the screen. Is there anything I need to do to the configuration to get the VM button working on the m9? Cheers, Andrew
  9. Realise my explanation probably wasn't very good - the registration issue turned out to be the phone registering with the Snom ONE not the Snom ONE registering with the ITSP. Cheers, Andrew
  10. Turned out the problem wasn't the router at all - it was a Snom 821 phone causing the problem. Replaced with a new one and the graph is now stable. Cheers, Andrew
  11. The template change was to set the voicemail button to 840 instead of 40. I did bind MAC addresses to the extension so that they PnP registered to the correct extension. Just to reiterate - this configuration (2 phones and an m9 base registered to one extension) does *NOT* work. The MWI lights do *NOT* get switched on across both desktop phones, and the VM option doesn't appear on the m9 phones. The second m9 phone does *NOT* ring when two m9's are registered against a single identity on the base station. Cheers, Andrew
  12. Setting them all up as extension 40 works for the most part - I changed the provisioning template to make the mailbox key dial 8xx instead of xx, and set the account to not answer voicemail when own number is dialled, which allows all other extensions to be dialed (i.e. from an extension 40 phone, dialling 40 causes all of the other phones to ring). The problem I'm seeing is that when multiple phones are registered to the same extension, things don't behave the same as when only one phone is registered to an extension. MWI doesn't light up on all phones when a message is waiting. Unless you set up separate identities on the m9 base for each handset, only the first registered phone rings. Is this just the way I've configured the settings? i.e. should this work? Cheers, Andrew
  13. Hi, I've got a client who wants to have his Snom ONE set up with the following requirements: - to have all extensions ring when their number is called - to be able to transfer a call to another extension (again by ringing all phones, rather than by extension number) - a single voicemail mailbox - have the message light appear on all phones when a voicemail arrives, and goes off when all new voicemails are read/deleted - have the call missed indicator light go out on all phones when cancelled on one phone They will 2 x Snom 870 and 8 x Snom m9r phones (with one base station). To test, I've had an 870, and 820, and 2 m9's set up with a single identity (40) but message lights don't work, and only the first m9 rings. Missed call lights also stay on per phone. Is this configuration possible? I know it's not a normal requirement, but this is for residential rather than business use so multiple phones belong to one person rather than it being one person/one extension. Cheers, Andrew
  14. I've seen this problem too - it appears that with the m9 only the first phone registered to a particular identity will ring by default. There may be a proper/better resolution to this, but the way I got round it was to create two identities on the base station, both to the same account on the PBX (e.g. 40@pbx.snom.com), then assigned each DECT phone to only one identity. Both then ring. Cheers, Andrew
  15. Thanks - this client is the only one with a BT Home Hub, we'll get it changed to a decent router. Cheers, Andrew
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