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  1. You are welcome... One additional comment for DTAG Trunk Setup: Around the time of these issue (408) my extensions (phones: Gigasets, snom870) starts again to don't play a ringback tone for some called numbers; some of these DTAG, too. Over the years and for now I found these Ringback setup works as it should:
  2. Sorry, once more: SIPS (5061) isn't available for private costumers on DTAG, but it seems they are playing currently on this feature. "Proxy address:" sip:tel.t-online.de;transport=tcp is working too!
  3. Cool, six years old: [Resolved] How to Force SIP over UDP I have to learn to use the all-knowing, all-seeing Trash Heap! (May be the DTAG is playing currently with SIP-over-TLS...?)
  4. Here we see _sips._tcp. have highest Priority (10), why the PBX don't fallback to next Prio _sip._udp. (20) or _sip._tcp. in the case of failure?
  5. Since I doubted the TLS Trunk availability for DTAG private costumers I tried to extend "Proxy address" by: sip:tel.t-online.de:5060 sip:tel.t-online.de;transport=udp Both is working fine: [8] 0:19:09.003 TRUN: Trunk 5: sending discover message for tel.t-online.de [8] 0:19:09.162 TRUN: Trunk 5 (03????????) is associated with the following addresses: udp: Why the PBX was using TLS since July, 10 at 02:38 am? Different NAPTR record in DNS of tel.t-online.de?
  6. Oh, sorry. What I meant: for sure, my IP belongs to DTAG, because I'm a costumer of DTAG. And yes, this is a must to register.
  7. For sure....?!? I have masked out my IP for privacy, but I'm DTAG costumer since 20 years, believe me ;-) Let's debug!
  8. Here we have the Log Entries for one of my DTAG Number with normal (currently failed Registration) "Proxy address´╗┐": "tel.t-online.de" [8] 18:23:52.446 TRUN: Trunk 5: Preparing for re-registration [8] 18:23:52.446 TRUN: Trunk 5: sending discover message for tel.t-online.de [8] 18:23:52.449 TRUN: Trunk 5 (03????????) is associated with the following addresses: tls: tls: tls: [8] 18:23:52.450 TRUN: Trunk 03????????): Sending registration to sip:tel.t-online.de ... [5] 18:24:24.451 TRUN: Registration on trunk 5 (03????????) failed with code 408. Retry in 60 seconds May be we don't have to use TLS here?
  9. Nope, I'm on ver. 59.0 (FreeBSD, see above) due to: FreeBSD: 59.0 -> 60.0, libstdc++.so.6 Fehler Once more, as a DTAG end user we are using nonTLS Trunks, isn't so? "It helps to set the "Proxy address" to "sip:" ´╗┐for the trunk, but isn't really nice." (issue discription) Flow Sequence in this case:
  10. Not a single message at log level 9 for TLS!
  11. Nearly closed, no technical assistance from DTAG. No once know how to escalate the SR.
  12. No, wasn't in there. To add T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2 as "Trusted Root CA for server authentication" doesn't changed the behavior. As DTAG end user we are using TLS Trunks...?
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