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  1. hi all for a test run of snomone I have implimented one ACD with one DID coming in I have found when setting the max callers to any number ie:9 it keeps accepting callers ie: 10 11 12 13 etc etc then after a couple calls it stops sending the calls to the phone set and the ACD just holds the calls.. now it seams that if you change the ACD to unlimited I was not able to reproduce this bug the phone set is able to be called ext-ext while this is happening and does not loose registration. this is the only EXT logged in to the ACD this was with version all other calls work fine durring this time. at one point it almost seemed like if you made changes to the ACD / edited it while callers are in it was creating this bug but that did not seem to be the case when setting the max callers to unlimited. currently free trial version but if it works out soon to be a blue version. pbxctrl-centos5-2011- and then upgraded to.. pbxctrl-centos5-2011- problem still exists.... need resoulution in order to try again. also need way to limit maximum callers. as it does not work at all.. hopefully someone reads this seams difficult to find a good ACD appliction on any voip software thats reliable. Chad
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