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  1. The issue was resolved by upgrading to PBX version 5.3.0. The issue was a constraint/limit that had been imposed by a new compiler that was used for version 5.2.3. This specifically limited the number of SIP connections to 64. We upgraded to version 5.3.0 and we've not had a repeat of this problem. I can also recommend updating the Snom 300 firmware to version, as this reinstated the call pickup and the ability for a user to change the ringtone on the handset.
  2. Hi, We still have the same problem. We can get to a stable state with a mix of TCP and UDP connections. Ideally we want all the phones on the same configuration with the TCP connection string. When we go over this 'limit' two specific phones go to Not Reg. We have swapped these phones once, to alternative devices to eliminate a device problem. The SIP log suggests that these phones end up with a timeout at the PBX end of the connection. I can send the SIP.log fragment on a PM, i'm not keen to post it on the forum. We are currently running PBX version 5.2.3 - is there a later release we should be using? What do you suggest we do? Thank you for your continued help.
  3. Thank you for that last message. The phones are all SNOM300 devices, however, having rebooted all of them only 2 are consistently going to Not Reg. we have swapped those two out for spare phones, and we appear to be ok. We are not intending to make further changes tonight, so we will see whether we achieve stability. The SIP.log is a file we will now watch for any evidence of wierd behaviour. Thanks again. I will update this post later this week.
  4. I absolutely agree with what you have said with regards to understanding the problem. You suggest checking the registry - great suggestion & happy to do that. Which registry setting should I check? With regards to the firewall or NAT, that isn't the problem here. There is no firewall internally, and their isn't any internal NAT in place.
  5. Hi, We're going to try disabling the TCP Off load this evening, but to be honest, this doesn't feel like a rational change. It was your technical support team that spotted that we were running out of TCP connections and recommended trying UDP for the extra handsets. Its important that we understand which configuration parameter is preventing this from working properly. Is there a log or a trace file we can setup to see when the TCP connection is being refused or denied, so that we can then dig into the problem with a little more confidence than just Googling a suggestion? I look forward to your response. Thank you.
  6. Thank you for your very quick reply. The 'Maximum Number of SIP connections' was already set to 500. I would have thought that, if that was the constraint, we would not be dropping handsets at greater than 60. Where should we look next ?
  7. Hi. We have recently gone from SnomOne 4.5 to version 5 of the Vodia PBX. The upgrade largely went well, however, when we had more than 60 handsets connect with the TCP protocol, some handsets couldn't register with the PBX anymore. We have worked around the problem by having handsets 61- 68 running with a UDP protocol connection, but this isn't a solution I want to persist with. We are running Server 2012 Hyper-v VM on a Server 2012 standard (not R2) host. The handsets are Snom 300. Clearly we are hitting a limit either within the PBX or a TCP limit somewhere. Can someone please advise us on which parameters we should look to change to allow all our handsets to connect with a TCP connection string? What log files should I be checking to resolve this? Many thanks Simon
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