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  1. i agree - locks up all the time... on windows XP - running
  2. It does not make a difference - from what I can test - it's transparent.
  3. I've found through testing, that putting a contact as a White List on the DOMAIN level - has no impact on the CNAM coming in... Only when you add that same contact to the USER Address Book does the CNAM show up. Is this by design? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  4. Is there a maximum number of monitored extensions (or theorhetical maximum) - I'm attempting to monitor 12 extensions, but the console keeps locking up on me, especially with ext. to ext. calls. Using the latest console version.
  5. I have experienced the same thing - it's a bug.
  6. They must use the login type as "USER" - not Automatic
  7. The record location is only applicable for "recording all calls via hunt group, or all calls, etc" - at least from my experience. The Record On Demand - *12 / * 13 - is to that users' voicemail box - and can be set up to forward to email. At least then they would have all of their recordings local, and not have to be confused with other recordings. ** On that same note - I'd love for PBXnSIP to be able to email the actual recordings when the radio button for "record all calls" is selected for that extension. Please let me know if that's doable.
  8. The email is correct, but the attachment for the status does not reflect these same things: Status of extension 1113 Do not disturb: On Hot Desking at: Call forward all destination: Call forward busy destination: Call forward on no answer: Timeout for call forward on no answer: 10 Timeout for mailbox: 25 Call redial: <sip:1234567@domain.com;user=phone> Call return: Number of registrations for this extension: 1 Messages waiting: 1/1 Registrations: Contact Type Expires (s) sip:1113@ PolycomSoundPointIP-SPIP_501-UA/ 70 Do not reply
  9. After enabling the radio button for DND - the General Status Page does not reflect the change.
  10. When *90 is removed (INTERCOM) from the Domain Feature Codes Settings - *00 (the next one in the list) - ceases to function. If I place any other * code in the INTERCOM section (i.e. *01) - *00 works again. Please let me know if you can reproduce and fix. Thanks
  11. It sounds like you need to visit - http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Main_Page Good Luck.
  12. I verified that the calls are being recorded, and placed in the local RECORDINGS directory. So I will reiterate - Is there anyway, since these are Extension Redirect Settings - that I can get it to send the recording via email if the Extension has that set? Thanks
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