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  1. Hello Community, we have a dialplan for different trunks that was working a time ago. I think after the update on it will not work prpoerly. The testing area shows the correct values, but it was not dialled correctly: 50;8-Server;;8*;4614950*;;false [...] 100;Patton Gateway;;*;*;;false Testarea: (dialling 814) sip:461495014@xxx.yyy.zzz.12;user=phone Dialled: Dialplan "Standard Dialplan": Match 814@xxx.yyy.zzz.20 to sip:461495014@xxx.yyy.zzz.12;user=phone on trunk 8-Server INVITE sip:461495014@xxx.yyy.zzz.12;user=phone SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/UDP xxx.yyy.zzz.20:5060;branch=z9hG4bK-d0dd0d113297b5b592f1af5e6b1763d7;rport From: "Dect Technik" <sip:46149500@xxx.yyy.zzz.20;user=phone>;tag=41926 To: <sip:814@xxx.yyy.zzz.20;user=phone> I think this To-message is wrong. The call never reaches the target platform. Some ideas? Thanks a lot Chris
  2. OK, thanks for that answer, this will work. But the media should be send from the gateway so I will have to look forward this.
  3. Hi, we have a SnomOne Yellow over a patton gateway. On making an outdial, our telephones did not play a normal ringtone. The patton gateway is signalling correctly the "RINGING". On calling a mobile phone, no ring tone is played, on calling a national number there are three tones, then a little pause. On calling another subscriber, no tone is played. Some ideas? Best regards Chris
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