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  1. We've experienced the same issue with Polycom 500/600 phones where they were in conversation and all of a sudden lost the call and had the caller transfered to voicemail. We've only had it occur twice and it was isolated to one domain. We've also experienced some issues with transfers on the Linksys phones. It seems to be a hit and miss proposition. I will get a sip trace gathered and email it in.
  2. That appeared to do the trick. Thanks for fixing that.
  3. We have tested and can finally confirm that this release works properly with G729 on a Linksys business phone. Thanks for fixing this for us. The bad news is we've found a new bug. When we upgrade our systems, all of ithe personal announcements on the mailboxes disappear. I tried changing the mailbox setting to Name Announcement and then back to Personal and it didn't make a difference. Any ideas?
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