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  1. Are there any changes from the beta Do I need to update the beta? Thanks
  2. I have snomone one on windows server 2003. I bought a pair of M9s and after endless trouble setting them up, I have them working properly. The only trouble is the range doesn't quite cover the area I need which is two buildings. Since I had a couple of sets of analogue DECT sets lying around I thought I'd try an ATA. I bought the Cisco ATA (SPA112)and after a firmware update I have it working well with the uniden DECT phones and even Caller ID is working. My problem is that now if I pick up a call on the uniden DECT phones and I want to move to the office where the M9s are, I am again out of range of the uniden base. I can't seem to figure out if there is a way to park a call with the uniden phones so I can pick it up in the other building with the M9. I've tried just dialing *85 but nothing works. I can't even seem to place a call on hold with the Unidens and get the caller to my MOH. I can do this with the M9s. Any help appreciated.... There are a miriad of settings on the ATA but I'm not sure if any relate to this.... I also have a set of analogue Panasonic DECT phones available. It seems such a waist to throw them out...
  3. Actually for the record, the Call park does now work. I figuted out that you can't just dial *85, you have to do options>transfer>*85. This is for the M9 and I have posted it for the benefit of others. My system is now working very well and I have a very professional multiple entity small business/home phone system. Thanks Snom! and Thanks Katerina!!! PS: I think Snom could really improve by expanding the user manuals and making them much more friendly for users who are not IT proffesionals.
  4. This has worked! Now the last thing with the M9s is the Call Park/Retrieve but that's another topic. Thanks heaps for your help. I now have a phone directory.
  5. The operating system is windows SBS 2003 (Small business server)
  6. Hi, I did change the LDAP port because there were lots of errors in the snomone log file. There seemed to be some clash with the Ldap port. I changed it in both the snomone port setting and the M9 setting. After I changed it the errors stopped. It might be something else on the server using that port but finding out is above my level and it seemed to work changing the port settings. The server is 2003 Small business runing exchange and an MS domain. I don't remember which one of the hand sets I tested, they both do the same thing in regard to LDAP. I have just done another trace and it is with handset 00FEA6F711 (40 House). I've emailed it to you just now. I did exacly what you said for this test and trace and I do see the names of the internal extensions BUT no other snompne LDAP entry. (I only have one for now for testing)
  7. PM sent, although the forum software waon't allow me to attach the PCAP file...
  8. 13 numbers in Australia are a local call only charge for callers. No area code is required to dial them. So for standard STD calling to Perth (08) from another region (say NSW 02) the caller uses 08 then the local number. For 13xxxx or 1300xxxxxx the caller doesn't require area code. International callers use 618xxxx and as far as I know 13 numbers are unavailable to international callers.
  9. I have a 3 trunk set up in Perth Western Australia. I have configured the domain settings for county code 61 and area code 08 I found my system unable to complete a call to any number starting with 13 which is a very common business number in Australia. After hours of testing I finally found that it was the area code setting in the domain settings that caused this problem and with that removed it now functions correctlty. I', posting this because I believe there is a bug and also to ask what this setting is for and if it is needed?
  10. Thanks Katerina, I have the very latest software on the M9 but I followed these instructions anyway. It still doesn't work and when I enable LDAP on the handsets no address book works at all. I have a feeling I'm missing something simple here.... Here is my M9 status: Parameter Value Version 9.5.14-a Uptime 0 00:14:37 MAC 00:04:13:30:43:13 VLAN DHCP server IP Address Netmask IP Gateway STUN Address DNS Server* DNS Domain waycool.local Option 66 IPv6 Link-Local URL fe80::204:13ff:fe30:4313 IPv6 Other Addresses and snomone Version: 2011- Alpha Monocerotids (Win32) Created on: Dec 22 2011 13:58:28 License Status: snom ONE free License Duration: Permanent Additional license information: Extensions: 10/10 Accounts: 25/30 Upgrade: 01 01 2013 Working Directory: C:\Program Files\snom\snomONE MAC Addresses: 0013D48EAA8C DNS Servers: CDRs: Duration(7d): trunk = 45, extension = 87, ivr = 115 Calls: Total 44/2, Active 0/0 Calls SIP packet statistics: Tx: 4959 Rx: 4957 Emails: Successful sent: 3 Unsuccessful attempts: 6 Uptime: 2012/2/8 23:53:04 (uptime: 0 days 05:17:26) (53MB/2048MB 39% 57780480-0) WAV cache: 0 Number of HTTP sessions: Sessions: PAC=0, HTTP=1; Threads: SIP=0, HTTP=1 Domain Statistics: Total Domains: 1, Total Accounts: 25 I'm finding it difficult to follow the snomone manual in regard to the M9 provisioning. seems a bit vague.
  11. Bump I have the exact same issue. Has anything been resolved with this? In the M9 base setup, which user name and password are to be used in the LDAP settings tab? I've tried all to no avail.
  12. Thanks for your reply. I run my own exchange server with this machine anyway so I already incurr the overhead and the addition of the PBX won't add to anything significantly. The 2 locations are in the same building which is why I bought the M9s so I'm hoping they will work for me over DECT. I don't quite understand how the aliases work or could help me. I've had the idea that I could assign each device and extension and then have 3 different hunt groups for those extentions and assign the diffent hunt groups to each incoming number with a different ring tone and display name. I believe this would handle the calling line ID issue. I could then have 3 seperate different accounts with which the unanswered hunt groups terminate to for the purpose of voice mail. Do you think this would be a solution? Cheers
  13. I’m after some basic configuration ideas for my Snom IP phone system. Here is my system. Snomone free running on windows server 2003 with 4 GB ram and 200 GB spare disk drive storage space. 2 x Snom M9 handsets with one base station One VOIP account with ISP for home line. 2 line VOIP account with a VOIP provider with 2 DID for 2 separate business numbers. I believe with this setup I can have a separate number for home and my 2 business entities. I would like to have the M9 phones in different locations and would like to have both ring for every incoming call. I would also like some way of identifying which phone number the caller rang so that the person answering can answer the an appropriate greeting, Ideally a distinctive ring. Finally I would like to avoid using the auto attendant until a certain time of no answer and then divert the caller directly to a voicemail box for the particular number he rang in on and a way of identifying any voice messages on the system and which number they belong to. I hope this is not to much to ask from this system and I believe this would be a fairly common Small home business requirement. Thanks is advance for any help..
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