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  1. I have place my cell phone on the cell phone field in the redirection tab and selected immediate include. when an incoming call comes in via AA both the phone and cellphone rings. However, when I call in to use pbxnsip as my outbound call, I do not get the prompt for this that should say dial 1 for outbound calls but instead get the standard prompt. I am using the latest version that says on the setting "use only the last 7 digit of the cellphone. I just do not see what I am doing wrong. I have start and restart service but does nothing. jose T
  2. The voice mail would not hangup and kept on repeating the welcome message even though caller hangs up already. Is there a field where we can limit the number of times the welcome message is played and after that limit the voicemail hangs up automatically. In the autoattendant, it at least has a hang up timeout. Can we do this in voicemail.
  3. I would like to use dial plan during office hours and a different dial plan during off hours for different extensions. As an example, I let other people to use the office trunk line during off hours while I restrict those remote extension duning office hours.
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