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  1. Calls that come into an extension directly and that have no caller id info are not redirecting to a cell phone. I have no special treatment set and no comfirmation required. Calls that have caller id will ring through, but unknowns do not. What settings do I need to change to allow unknown (no caller id) calls to go through to a cell phone?
  2. Nope. Pbxnsip resides on a 3.4 ghz xeon dual proc and only see around 10-30 calls at a time. That was just the reason I got to looking at the graphs. Can you answer my question regarding the bulk of the post? "Looking at the call graph, Im assuming the blue line is number of call legs and the red line is number of calls. If my license has 50 simultaneous calls, is that trunk calls or all calls including one extension to another? Example is pbxnsip will say 18/40 Calls, and assuming that 36 of the 40 are call legs, the other 4 are ext. to ext. calls, do I have 32 available calls still
  3. Ive had some random call failed errors on some of our phones and started looking into if we were maxing out our number of active calls we could have at any given time. I dont log every phone all the time, so I cannot look at that, so I usually do a quick glance at the active call status and see only 10-30 calls going on. Looking at the call graph, Im assuming the blue line is number of call legs and the red line is number of calls. If my license has 50 simultaneous calls, is that trunk calls or all calls including one extension to another? Example is pbxnsip will say 18/40 Calls, and ass
  4. Under the main settings>general tab, in the Appearance section, there is a Compress Recordings option with a yes or no variable. Is setting this to yes compressing like the previous versions did or is this some sort of further compression going on?
  5. The PBX should connect the call immediately internally while agents are located. How long this takes should not matter. Every pbx system in existence does this except yours. There should be no timeout. When is this bug going to be fixed. All I want is answer.
  6. Im not talking about a 40 minute on hold. I never said anything close to that. Im talking about a call waiting in an agent queue for 4-8 minutes. What you're saying is that pbxnsip cannot handle a call waiting in an agent queue for that period of time without going crazy? This isnt a perfect world. People have to wait on hold for periods of time. I do not want to do anything like escalate a call to an extension or have it go to a voicemail. If I did, I would have just done that. I want to know if Pbxnsip can handle having a call waiting in an agent queue for more than 4 minutes. If it can, the
  7. Alright. Disregard anything I said about the phones ringing after the caller hangs up. That is not the issue I am wondering about. My main question is what is with these fake calls ringing on the phones after someone has been on hold for more than 2 minutes? All the phones are Aastras. An agent group plays music and messages, not a ring back tone. These are not transfers to an extension, these are calls into an agent group. This notion that someone would not wait on hold for more than 2 minutes is ridiculous. Call Microsoft, Dell, or any number of companies and go to the tech queue. All I wan
  8. After increasing the time a call would stay on hold from 2 minutes to 10 minutes in an agent group, by increasing the ringing state, I am now getting phantom calls in that agent group. Once a call is on hold for around 3 minutes, the next available line on the phones will start ringing. Once they start ringing, if you try to answer the original call on the original line, the call is not there, but is now on the second line. Once the on hold call reaches 5 mins, the 1 line ringing disappears and only the second line rings. At 6 minutes, the 1st line starts ringing along with the 2nd line. This
  9. As I stated above, I know I can make dummy extensions and do that, I just wanted to know if there was a way to have the PBX tell you the list from one extension like asterisks' parking lot does.
  10. I've looked around and did some testing but, I cannot seem to find out if there is a way to answer certain calls parked in one orbit instead of just answering the first call parked. I know I can park calls on different extensions and I've thought about making some arbitrary extensions 1, 2, and 3 and parking calls with those but, then it becomes an issue of someone parking multiple calls on the same extension and having the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Thanks, I think I will give the 3 ext. option a try.
  12. I have a customer who wants to be able to answer multiple calls from one agent group on his phone at a time. He has 3 agents groups that ring his phone (we'll call them A, B, C). When he's on a call with A and someone calls in A again, his phone will not ring, but it will ring other phones associated with that agent group (A). Even when you place the call from agent group A on hold and wait a few seconds, then make a call to the same agent group (A), the phone doesn't even recognize that there is another call coming in on that agent group. Someone calling in on B will be recognized while on th
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