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  1. Does anyone have experience with doorintercoms which works best with pbxnsip ?
  2. Could you please reply on this
  3. Where can I Downlaod the latest version ? I understood that it also should be possible after forking to divert a call back to the extenios on the PBX. How does this work and is this already in this beta version ? (similiar to twinning on avaya ip office) Thanks
  4. Hi, Does anyone know if the Linksys SPA941 provide an auto answer functionality, which is often used in contact centers ? I found an auto answer function for paging, but that is not what I am looking for. Any suggestions ? Thanks
  5. No we are using What do you mean bij log in and log out, do you mean *70 and login with the agent extension and than log in by *64 ? Thanks
  6. Today I saw this problem again. It looks like the first person waiting blocks the queue, after he hangs up, calls were routated again. I further have tested this, bij disconnecting a call, then the second one waiting was routed. It looks likes this happens when all agents are in a call, and there is a waiting queue. / there a three accounts logged in via hot desking and about zes accounts mentioned in the agentgroup/ Any suggestions ?
  7. I use kind of the same set up : - Contact center phones (snom) are registered on the extensions 2xx - Agents login by hot desking with extensions 7xx - The 7xx accounts are in the agentgroup. This afternoon I had the problem that callers remain in the queue, altough the agents were free. I took a while and then with a few minutes between them calls were send to the agents. Waiting time was more than 10 minutes Settings 'longest idle first' and 'furthermore no redirects. One agent was calling outbound at the moment, but was till hot desked. Any idea what went wrong, do we stille need to use *64 ? Thanks
  8. Rogier

    Dect System

    Can you advise on which dect systeem to use on PBXnSIP including repeaters ? I am looking for a stable product which can handle 6 to 8 channels at the same time and a number of handsets and that was tested with pbxnsip. For normal puposes Siemens Dect (eg 470IP /301d) is working fine, but you'll need a repeater for each base and that can only handle two calls. thanks
  9. Rogier

    PnP Snom 320

    After a clean install of the pbx it works. Thanks
  10. Rogier

    PnP Snom 320

    Ok, I will tommorow first reinstall this test PBX, if this won't work I will send you the details. I just tried another PBX and it works directly. Thanks
  11. Rogier

    PnP Snom 320

    Tried this but it didn't work. If I choose reset after configuring the settings, the phone starts up with no config data at all. Any other suggestions ? When I manually go to the update url - http://xx.xx.xx.xxx:8282/provisioning/snom320.htm and log in with the information I also put in the phone, I see the following files: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> - <setting-files> <file url="http://xx.xx.xx.xxx:8282/provisioning/snom_3xx_fw.xml?model=snom320" /> <file url="https://xx.xx.xx.xxx:/provisioning/snom_3xx_phone.xml?model=snom320" /> <file url="https://xx.xx.xx.xxx:/provisioning/.xml?model=snom320" /> <file url="https://xx.xx.xx.xxx:/provisioning/snom_3xx_fkeys.xml?model=snom320" /> <file url="https://xx.xx.xx.xxx:/provisioning/snom_web_lang.xml?model=snom320" /> <file url="https://xx.xx.xx.xxx:/provisioning/snom_gui_lang.xml?model=snom320" /> <file url="https://xx.xx.xx.xxx:/tftp/snom_320_custom.xml" /> </setting-files>
  12. Rogier

    PnP Snom 320

    Yes, I followed these steps but without result. After the reboot the SNOM Displays Prov Request Attempt : 20 and counting down
  13. Rogier

    Call Pick Up

    I am step further, programmed [speeddial] *87 on one of the funtion keys and that works. Only problem is that if i use this I'll get all unconnected calls, also internal calls. I want to use this for several huntgroeps and preferable one key for more huntgroeps. Of course only the calls where the phone is a member of the huntgroep should be pciked up Please help
  14. Regarding SNOM360 and pbxnsip Is it posibble to configure an one the funtion keys to pick up a call of a certain huntgroep. Assume the user is in the 2nd or 3rd stage, but sees that a colleque is busy and wants to pick up the call. I understood it can be done by *87[extension or huntgroep] . But can you also preconfigure that under a funtion key and how ??? thanks
  15. Hi, Using version and SNOM320 I am trying to use the PnP mode for WAN. filled in the required info in the webinterface of the SNOM320, the phone is rebooting but gives the message: Prov Request Attempt : 20 (19,18,17 etc) In the end the phone is not provisioned. Can you please advise what I am doing wrong
  16. Rogier

    Adress Book

    Hi, We are using and SNOM320 Is there an easy way to point the adress book button/DIRECTORY of the SNOM directly to the adress book of the PBX ? Thanks
  17. Hi, Does the PBX hava an function in which the call will return to the original extension after a transfer. Example : Extension 100 trasfers call with *77 to another extension, but this wasn't picked up. Is there an option that it will return after x time to extension 100 ? Of course the nicest way is a warm transfer, but is there another solution We are using version Thanks
  18. We are using (Win32). We are using hot desking *70 on a multiple domain environment. Using extension 116 and with *70 login as extension 720. We nog get reactions from a customer from another domain that the name of her extension, which also 116, has changed to 720. Also it happens that when this person calls internally the calls are routed to our domain instead of the domain se works in. It doesn't happen all the time. This is also what the call log shows me. Doy you have an idea how we can solve this ?
  19. Hi, Using (Win32) When I want to activate voicemail2 email option an emailadress that contains a point (example r.name@company.com) is not accepted. I get the message You must supply a valid emailadress, and the adress is deleted in the interface. When using for example info@company.com, there is no error message.
  20. On a test PBX I have an option to compress callrecordings, this is working fine. On this machine I use the permanent license key for three minutes. The version is Version: (Win32) License Status: Demo License (3 Minutes) License Duration: Permanent On another PBX I don't have this option, altough I have a contactcenter License> The version is : Version: (Win32) License Status: pbxnsip Europe - ICM Solutions - UP = 3 years License Duration: Permanent I want to use this compress option also in my live situation, can you advise ?
  21. I want to use an auto attendant, but need other prompts that are not available in the drop down list. Is it possibility to add the wav files myself and will they be shown or should you replace/rename the current prompts. Thanks
  22. Please your advise, The international version doesn't provide this functions yet. There is no firmware yet available and the AVM helpdesk couldn't provide a planning. The firmware on the lab can't be installed on the international version, but only supports the german version. Does anyone have another solution, we have the following challenge : Connect 2 ISDN point to multipoint to a srver version pbxnsip and use the ISDN numbers for at least incoming calls Thanks
  23. Do you already have an solution ?
  24. The audio files are in dutch. When I don't use the auto provisioning I can choose several languages, now only english is avalaible as language and webinterface language
  25. Hi, We are using pbxnsip (Win32) and Snom 320. I used auto provisioning in order to get the pbx adress book working. This worked, but I have no possibility anymore to change the language of the phone on dutch. The only option is English. Did i do something wrong or is the only option English ? Furthermore I would like to know if there is another possibility to use the PBX adressbook ? Thanks
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