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  1. Hi ,

    any luck on Kamailo ? I'm also think to use sip server for a inbedded system, any comments will be appreciated.

  2. so only if it’s a failure except for the "email event notification address" or if not an email. maybe a clue of what email address was causing the issue, and what email was being sent erasing the email is fine so the PBX doesn’t keep trying all day to send 20 emails that have issues, but if I don’t know what email address is causing it, I will never figure out how to correct the problem
  3. I would like to request the ability to receive an email notification if a email doesn’t go thru because that email address doesn’t exist etc I go into the spool when I get into the office in the morning and the folder doesn’t contain the email that was unsuccessful, it’s a problem since I can’t drill down the issue
  4. how long does a unsuccesfull sent email stay in the spool directory?
  5. stupid question, but hey you gotta ask what would be a perfect DNS SRV entry? thus far ive been doing it .sip._udp.pbx IN SRV 10 10 5060 PBX1 do i need to create multiple DNS SRV records in UDP and in TCP? or it only uses UDP?
  6. What happends when you Blacklist a number? and then that number calls into the PBX and dials your Ext, he wont ring since you blacklisted him? he will go to voicemail? he will hear busy?
  7. pbxuser911


    what would be an example of a grep command to use? sorry not that familier with it
  8. it would be useful to see what file is currently loaded plus we can use it to see if there is any open slots to use, sometimes i dont know which one is the next one to upload a greeting to and then add the service flag when needed
  9. pbxuser911


    my problem is that i have so many domains, and when i come in to the office and see on the overnight a few emails were niot sent, how do i know exactly which one
  10. Is there anyway to find out which email wasnt sent? are they sitting in a folder?
  11. any help here? maybe someone tell me how to i set up that when i dial a 10 digit number it will automaticly add a 1 in frotn of the number?
  12. does anyone have any step by step instructions on how to change the email thats being sent out?
  13. So how do i change the format of the email thats beign sent out when i get a missed call or a voice mail etc?
  14. if i have a country code of 1 then the caller ID looks like this when someone calls us +1xxxxxxxxxx how do i remove the +?
  15. is there anyway to set it up in the dialplan that when you dial a 10 digit number it should add the number 1 in front of it? im also havignt he same problem that when i dial from the missed call log, it doesnt have the 1 in front of it or maybe can we have PBXnSIP add a number 1 in front of the number when display the caller ID? it should only add it on USA 10 digit numbers (so it wont add it on international calls)
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