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  1. Changed setting - No change EDIT: Obtained downgraded firmware from supplier. All working again now.
  2. Under TFTP? Once - Using http for management.
  3. [5] 2009/01/08 06:44:12: Web Server: File m3/settings/0004132a2339.cry not found [5] 2009/01/08 06:44:12: Web Server: File snom_m3.cry not found [5] 2009/01/08 06:44:12: Web Server: File m3/settings/0004132a2339.cfg not found Is the basic log. The snoms log. 0101070000 [N](01):GMT offset = 21600 seconds 0101070000 [N](09):Registering UA 0 on domain localhost 0101070000 [W](09):Registration of user 42 at UA #0 failed 0108035343 [N](01): Time Synchronized with time server When using Auto Config on firmware 3.1 the registrar on the snom changes back to localhost. If I change the setting, it reverts again on reboot after picking up the config from the pbx. I have been unsuccessful in manually configuring the M3 to connect to the pbx.
  4. Hi, I had the Snom M3 running on the early version 3 firmware for the cs410. Upgraded the firmware to 3.1 and now the M3 will not register. I had a look for the old version and but I can't seem to locate it. Any chance of grabbing a copy? or is the a fix for the M3 not registering?
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