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  1. I am trying to use Incoming anonymous calls behaviour "Pretend to be busy" to send Incoming anonymous calls to voice mail. When set, it act exactly like "reject call" and tle the anonymous caller that I do not wish to get calls from anonymous callers. Is their anything I am missing? PBXnSIP: (Win32) It does the same for previous version... thanks for your help
  2. Many thanks for your reply, PBXnSIP, now SNOM, did make the PnP for Polycom. Keven Moros even recommend Polycome for conference phone. That before PNXnSIP was acquired by SNOM. PNP are available but their is certainly a bug their. the licence we are using is (C:\Program Files\pbxnsip\PBX) Please advise. In regards of FreeBSD... I am very sorry, but it look something like no details to the little elements are in place. To me it look like if this is their, who know what at other places that we do not know... Sorry to be so attentive to details. Many thanks again
  3. I am trying to auto provision Polycom IP6000 with all proper settings Mac ID OK PNP OK Network OK Polycom auto provisioning is orking fine internally as long as SIP IP Replacement List and IP Routing List are empty. In this situation, devices on the other side of NAT (outside of the local domain) are not providing audio. To get device working fine outside internal network, SIP IP Replacement List and IP Routing List need to be set. In that case, Polycom auto provisioning is not longer working... It look like it is one or the other... what am I missing? SIP IP Replacement List: IP Routing List: PBXnSIP Version: (FreeBSD) - error here, it is running on OSX machine and it say's FreeBSD... If SNOM can trade my polycom IP6000 (just received and NEW) for a MeetingPoint. I am more then willing to trade it :-) Many thanks for your help
  4. I have identified the problem without beiing able to solve it. Version is doing something on DTMF signaliing with Mediatrix 1204 v5 (all) making the DTMF to other PBX not understanding DTMF for AA. The only setting that work but ONLY with another PBXnSIP will be : voiciIfDtmfTransport : outOfBandUsignRtp This will not work with other pbx ... So if you PBXnSIP is usign Madiatrix 1204 v5 (all) stay away from PBXnSIP for now. I found no possible ways of getting it respecting all confirmity and Interoperabilities with mediatrix products. PBXNSIP version is working fine in conjonctions of Mediatrix 1204 voiciIfDtmfTransport : inBand I learned that in the very hard way... Mediatrix frimware version: 1204 V5.0.27.222 SIP MIB PBX support... what would you need, what can I provide you to get this fixed... PCAP but How and what? many thanks
  5. Many thanks for the reply, Strange, because the phone (SPA504G) refuse to register if cable is not shorter... may it be a limitation of the phone with cable lengh? Really need a solutions here!
  6. Can anyone recommend a suitable hardware to regenerate signal, what should I buy if I must be running for 250 ft? Kind of urgent please regards
  7. Since version 4.0.1 have been introduce (great version), Cisco phones that are using TLS and NOT UDP or TCP are no longer registering at all. If I downgrade back to 3.4.X, Cisco Phones using TLS are working just fine
  8. Like all 4.0.X previous version, when calling from 4.0.X to a 3.4.X system, reaching AA. DTMF isn't working at all -- like if 4.0.X is not sending proper DTMF signal to 3.4.X
  9. Certificat? We are not usign certificat with TLS and never used. What setting do you want for SharkTrace?
  10. system is running with Cisco phone, one particular is usign SIP settings TLS protocol Cisco SPA962 frimware V. 6.1.5 (a) When usign PBXCTRL version the same Cisco phone is never registering. I have tested another Cisco phone, different model and different Frimware, same issus. So I come to the conclusion that TLS on V hav a little something to prevent Cisco phone to work.
  11. Current build still not woring properlly with DTMF detections. Outboud and in bound calls are not detecting DTMF with Mediatrix 1204. Exacte same coniguration is working fine with version 3 of pbxnsip
  12. Is it just me that have the impression that PBXnSIP company and software is fadins out... Their is not mutch activities on the forum and not release since several mounts... V 4.0 hase not showed any public info since past may... Hope I am mistaking
  13. YMSL

    SNOM M3

    I have tried with and without!
  14. YMSL

    SNOM M3

    Good day, I am testing SNOM M3 with version Phone register and work just fine if registered over external Internet connection, but does not transport audio if registered on the same domain of the PBX. Any idea on what can be wrong
  15. From my experience, it depend of the phone itself. Linksys/Cisco yes you type http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/advence/?reste other phones... I have no clue.
  16. How well PBXnSIP current version is running under Vista 64 bits machine? many thanks
  17. Does PBXnSIP is compatible with the following: VoIP Ceiling Speaker (The CyberData SIP-enabled VoIP Speaker is a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE 802.3af) and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) public address loudspeaker) and VoIP Outdoor Intercom (The CyberData SIP-enabled VoIP Outdoor Intercom is a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE 802.3af) and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) door entry device that easily connects into existing local area networks (LANs) with a single cable connection. The intercom is compatible with most SIP-based IP PBX servers that comply with the SIP RFC. Its tamper-proof design allows the unit to be mounted securely and safely.) many thanks
  18. What product can I use to create a door bell that with interact with PBXnSIP in 2 ways communication and then allowed me to remotely open the door. cheapest possible! :-) many thanks.
  19. Do we have anything new on that? Does V4.0.0.xxxx Win32 newer then Win32 can be available for testing? many thanks for the great job.
  20. One or the other, information is the exact same ... with esupport we lost exemples. A support site is not a definition dictionary like it is now but something that help you understand and figure thigns out. Exemples and "to do" and "to not do" are things that really helps... Not something like changing a system for an other with absolutelly nothing new on it. Do you buy 2 book storage unit just in case the first one get too old... Same old, Same OLD, same OLD
  21. Good day, Juste a quick note, Win32 on our site is working fine but we cannot see call logs reports and/or Active calls.
  22. Look extremelly promessing How to: 1- Set Max. number of concurrent registrations per extension: Other then availible choices 1,2,3,4 or 5, current installation is set to 7 registrations / extensions I can manually set it on the pbx.xml but it doies not reflect on the reg_settings page 2- Set Mailbox PIN digets: Other then availible choices, 1,2,3,4 or 5 ? current system is set to 6 digets Cannot find it on the pbx.xml many thanks
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