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  1. We are currently in growth mode, and I'm looking to purchase a network switch (or two). We have agents who use soft phones on their computers, so inherently we have some of our network traffic we can not physically segregate. I've read mixed opinions on fully managed vs. VLAN vs. QoS...most seeming to argue that the more management the switch is doing the more latency is being added to the process, which is obviously harmful to VOIP traffic. So, based upon what I've found, I'm leaning toward QoS on a "smart" switch. But I haven't yet gathered enough information to be fully confident that this is the best balance. Granted that running voice & data over the same network fabric is never a "best practice," what is the recommended setup for situations necessitating voice & data mixing? What do most people run? To quantify size, we're looking for a setup to support 75-100 users, with about 70% of those users on soft phones, and frequently hovering around 60-70% of all extensions in use concurrently...the bulk of those being the users on soft phones. I'm not looking to needlessly spend money for the "top of the line" gear, but I'm willing to spend for what I need to have a reliable setup. I haven't searched the forums a whole lot just yet, so if this has been discussed ad nauseam elsewhere, please just guide me there. Any thoughts/feedback/recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. Charlie

    CDR Woes

    Hi all. We're running pbxnsip v. I have tried getting the cdr to submit to mysql (ideal) with absolutely no luck. I even get netstat running on the pbx box, place a call, then hang up, and when I check the netstat I don't see any attempt to even talk to my sql server specified. I've followed all of the instructions here: https://www.pbxnsipsupport.com/index.php?_m...kbarticleid=389 So, not being able to get that working, I figured I'd try the soap approach. Still no dice! The pbx server never sends anything out. I need that cdr data to be populated real-time to a database. I may have to resort to writing/finding something that monitors the directory where the xml cdr files are dropped (those are working) and processes them, but I'd really rather not have to hassle with that. Does anyone have any ideas why my CDR info doesn't seem to be going anywhere? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. -Charlie
  3. Thanks for your response. I thought the 11-digit would fix it, but it made no difference... As for the dialplan, I had the country code set to 1. The users were dialing 1 (then AC & local number). Still got the message. I guess I could try adding the 1 (1*), but if they're already dialing it, and the dialplan is * * shouldn't it get through?
  4. FWIW downgrading to fixed the problem. I'd still like to know what the deal-e-o is so I could be running the newer software, but for now all is well...
  5. Updated to latest and still no go. Trying downgrade to 3.0.1...
  6. I have deployed a CS410 appliance to an office here in the US which connects to the PSTN through POTS lines. They can dial out locally just fine. Every time they dial LD, however, they get the operator tones and the message "you must first dial a one." Their carrier is Integra Telecom. If I watch the log from the web interface I see the numbers being dialed out, but the one never shows. Just the 10 digit number. I have the Rewrite Global Numbers set to Check domain country code (which is set to 1). We're running version, though I'm upgrading it to the latest right now... It's a pretty vanilla installation...haven't changed anything I haven't had to. Most settings are at defaults. Any thoughts/ideas? I'm guessing this is an easy fix for someone more expert in this than I am. Thanks! -Charlie
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