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  1. Thank you for your reply. How do I create an individual ticket?
  2. Hi, After plenty of issues with the SnomONE PBX after we upgraded to 5.3.2 and the system rebooted we are finally able to make outgoing calls. I have had Sangoma support working on this for the past few days. They are now telling me that incoming calls are being rejected by the PBX with a 403 response. It is worth saying that this PBX was working faultlessly until it rebooted. Any and all help gratefully received. Thanks, Stephen Westrip
  3. Hi, Using CentOS 6.5 so went for wanpipe 7.0.9 as it supports this kernel. Does anyone know where there are installation instructions as the SnomONE is not mentioned when you install? Even better, does anyone know how to correctly install wanpipe for Snom One? Thanks, Stephen Westrip
  4. Hi, Trying to activate a Snom ONE v5 installation for the first time via the browser and it hangs. I enter my activation code (starts with a 5), click on Submit and seems to do nothing. I have verified that I have internet access from the server and that both iptables and ip6tables are stopped. Interestingly, in Firefox and Chrome the button is Submit but in IE it is Submit Query. I get further with IE than I do with Chrome or Firefox!! I am stuck right now as I cannot progress any further. Thanks, Stephen Westrip
  5. This error has appeared on the screen. What does it mean and should I be concerned? w2g1: SMP Critical in aft_dma_tx Thanks, Stephen Westrip
  6. Hi, Our snomOne Plus consistently freezes and the system requires a reboot. You cannot access the system via HTTP or SSH and the phones all lose their registration. It looks similar to this problem raised in this forum post: http://forum.snomone.com/index.php?/topic/6379-snomone-gradual-deterioration/ Is this definitely a hardware issue or could it be software related? Thanks, Stephen Westrip
  7. While you are looking at Netborder Express could you find out why the gateway manager is not running. I believe it is something to do with a version conflict. We have 4.2.2 running and I restored a backup on Monday which was from version 4.1.6. It was at that point that the gateway manager failed to start on reboot.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I can ping the box; Yes, I can log into the interface; I can never remember where I can see whether a phone is blacklisted or not but I thought I whitelisted our LAN.
  9. We had to power off our snomONE plus at the weekend and the restart on Monday morning has caused no end of problems. They are: Phones not registering System hangs whilst trying to do an update Config lost for Sangoma A500 card Netborder Gateway backup does not work as it is from an earlier version (4.1.6 - current 4.2.2) Netborder Gateway Manager will not start Sangoma support are looking into the A500 issues but I need to resolve the phone registration problems. It seems to me that on every reboot something else is not working. Can anyone point me in the direction of why phones that had been working for 8 months now will not register? Thanks, Stephen Westrip
  10. Hi, We had to power off our SnomOne plus over the weekend and now it will not restart. Wanpipe shows no configuration and looking at the log wanrouter cannot start as it cannot find /etc/wanpipe/wanpipe1.conf. Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks, Stephen Westrip
  11. I have the exact same issue. When you go to the webpage and click on 'Check and Update' the SnomONE Plus reboots but nothing is updated. Is there a manual way to update the box from the CLI? Thanks, Stephen Westrip
  12. Thank you for your reply. Where do ad-hoc conferences show up then?
  13. Hi, I must be missing something very obvious but I cannot see what it is. I have created an ad-hoc conference room (the only one on created so far) but it does not appear as a conference room for the users when they want to schedule a conference. I must have missed something blindingly obvious but I am not sure what. Many thanks, Stephen Westrip
  14. Hi, Where do I add IP and/or network addresses to a whitelist? Also, since a recent Snom One update I now have no menus that have the firewall, DHCP server etc. The username/password combination of Superadmin/password on the web interface does not work any more although it does if I am just SSH'ing to the box. As I still have no root access, despite emailing Snom support and getting no response, I will only be able to make any changes via the web interface. Thanks, Stephen Westrip
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