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  1. I appreciate your reply but we are going around in circles. We have tried the third party log in without success. We have tried the rest api with curl without success. I am not sure how the third example would help us log into the web page. PLease advise if this is possible.
  2. Our intention is to use this code to log in to the pbx web page, not grab a log. Does your solution solve that? Please advise.
  3. Hi, i was wondering if there are any updates. If this doesnt work, so be it.
  4. Yes, and the debugging shows that its not returning any session information.
  5. Thanks, hopefully this will help. vodia66log.txt
  6. i wish it was that simple...no blacklisting...the ip that its coming from is listed in the api
  7. For some reason, i never got this reply. Yes it is a domain on the server, yet no response. If this doesnt work, just let me know so i can move on.
  8. We have tried this on v65 and upgraded to v66, and when we follow the documentation, we get a no-reply from the pbx. Any ideas on how to resolve this, as we added the proper ip from which the api came?
  9. Have you checked with your provider, maybe they are metering your usage, and you have run out of funds. They are so many things that could go wrong on inbound calls, what you need to do to perform a trace. Find out where the calls are failing, by checking the logs on the vodia, and then if they dont provide the answers, find out from your provider.
  10. Ok, this still a little vague...please remember as your status says "Advanced Member", i dont have all your knowledge. When you say "Multicast Paging Group" what do you exactly mean. i am just manually provisioning to get this to work. IThe choices, on a Grandstream, for example are, to add the multicast ip ( in the multicast paging section and give it a label of page. I go to the vpk section to add a button. I add the description of Page, and value of, and select Multicast Paging. I could also select Multicast Listen Address, but i dont believe that is what
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. All the phones support multicast paging, there is only one PA1 and they are all on the same lan. Are you suggesting, creating a Unicast paging with the PA1 extension only in the group, and using the PA1 to multicast to all the phones that have the multicast ip setup. In this case, the pbx would effectively only unicast to the Snom PA1 and it in turn would multicast to the phones that have been setup?
  12. There isnt alot of information regarding this topic, so hopefully the response will be useful for others as well. Three options No pbx involvement with paging 1. I have gathered that you put the mulitcast ip address from the PA1 and copy it to the mulitcast settings on whatever brand of phone you choose ie ( so they will ring at the same time as when the shortcut key on the phone is selected with this value. Pbx involvement 2. Call the paging extension (unicast) and put the SNOM PA1 extension number in as one of the extensions to be dialled. It in turn b
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