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  1. Was this feature ever added back in as i dont believe it was. Please advise.
  2. Dont worry about it, i dont want to waste your time. I will figure out another way to work around this feature. You do alot of great work, and i forgot that no one else seems to be using this, so there are much more important things to spend your time on.
  3. We are trying to user third party login, and it doesnt work. Can i provide you a test user:pass and you could try with your code to see if it works. Please advise
  4. HI, i see that you updated your documentation on this topic for Third Party Login, but we have the same results as it doesnt work. https://doc.vodia.com/docs/thirdparty Is there anything that is missing from this API as it doesnt seem functional. thanks
  5. Please understand, if this is any trouble don't worry about it. I am sure this isn't a oft used feature, as no one else has mentioned it on the forums. That is why i used the topic header, and there was nothing in the forums on the third party login, but a fair bit of activity with the php api. I realize that browser security it becoming more and more challenging, so this probably did work at the latest browser updates may have killed it. In any event, if you can resolve it or not, the Vodia pbx is a fantastic product. Keep it up!
  6. Your request (5284) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. I am not sure if this was the right place to open up a ticket. and if not i would be happy to do it elsewhere. I never got a reply.
  7. I appreciate your reply but we are going around in circles. We have tried the third party log in without success. We have tried the rest api with curl without success. I am not sure how the third example would help us log into the web page. PLease advise if this is possible.
  8. Our intention is to use this code to log in to the pbx web page, not grab a log. Does your solution solve that? Please advise.
  9. Hi, i was wondering if there are any updates. If this doesnt work, so be it.
  10. Yes, and the debugging shows that its not returning any session information.
  11. Thanks, hopefully this will help. vodia66log.txt
  12. i wish it was that simple...no blacklisting...the ip that its coming from is listed in the api
  13. For some reason, i never got this reply. Yes it is a domain on the server, yet no response. If this doesnt work, just let me know so i can move on.
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