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  1. It is a Kerio that fully supports active sync through outlook, apple email client, nine email client and other applications. This is the first time i havent got it to work. I also tried with office365 without any success. Thx
  2. i believe that this autodiscover process is extremely outdated, probably more than 10 years old. Has anyone got this to work? Please advise.
  3. https://mail.domain.com/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync doesnt work. The email server that i am trying to connect, uses activesync, but it isnt microsoft. I was really hoping this would work. Thanks
  4. Sorry, i meant https://mail.domain.com thanks
  5. it says to leave that blank for autodiscovery??????????????? So you are saying that i should put it in something like the following: https://domain.emailserver.com/ I have tried that, and http and without, and nothing works. On my email client, it supports active sync, and the missing field on this is domain/username and it works every time. I dont know why this cannot be a simpler setup.
  6. HI, I am sorry, thanks for the reply but i dont understand where i am supposed to do this. The only parameters for active sync are email address and password...what url do you mean?
  7. Has anyone had any luck with this. I believe that there is a line missing which should have domain\username, as when i use active sync with my email client, it has this setting as well. It never seems to authenticate upon the log review. Please advise.
  8. Thanks for the reply, but again, no answer on the question. Can you provide us some type of time frame, so many vendors use it, surely it cannot be that big a deal to add it, and with that have higher quality Auto-attendant and Voicemail greetings.
  9. What is the likelihood of adding the Opus codec. It is very common, most phone vendors support it, and its free. Is there a time frame for Vodia to add it to the list of codecs
  10. i was just wondering if Grandstream was set up the same way, as i have been told that Yealink LDAP does work on newer phones but the Grandstream does not. Is there a Grandstream favourite.xml file like with the Yealink phones. Thanks
  11. No, sorry. It is an old version...does this only work on v 62?
  12. Remember I said earlier there was no logs?
  13. Ok. I don't see any evidence of such. I don't see any entire in the phone nor do I see any evidence if it in the web interface. what do you suggest?
  14. I looked through the yealink_common.txt file again, and i dont see any reference to yealink_favorite.xml file, so i am stumped at this point. Please advise.
  15. i dont really know, as it says that the the pnp file is limited to 2k, so i have really no idea as there are no logs after a certain point. I have the same issue for dial now and logo/wallpaper. Any suggestions, as the phone book is empty.
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