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  1. Yes. We connected to a isolated non managed switch as well. While each port is its own collision domain, we should have seen something with our monitor equipment. Still no idea on the process for the reset button on the side. Any ideas?
  2. Actually the box is completely unresponsive. We connected an ethernet cable to the SOHO directly to a laptop running wireshark. There is no network traffic coming from the SOHO.
  3. We just purchased a snom one SOHO. 4.5. It was unresponsive to accessing thru mac address. We found it in the DHCP server leases, and accessed it. After giving it a static address, activating the license and disabling multicast, we set it back to DHCP. It is now unresponsive. We connected it to a machine running wireshark, and see no network traffic at all. Currently we find no documentation on reseting the SOHO using the reset button on the box. Is there a way to re-image it using a USB?
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