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  1. We have a number of fairly long dial-plans setup ad quite often we have a need to crreate dial-plan with the same entries as an existing plan but with some required changes for a particular user. At the moment we have to recreate the new plan from scratch and then make the changes. If we could copy an exsting plan and then make the changes it would save a huge amount of time! Thanks
  2. We are having problems with our inbound calls from an Grandstream GXW4104 FXO adapter routed to a calling card account. If the user doesn't make a successful call and then hangs up the line stays busy and will never hangup the call. I know this is probably something to do with the Grandstream but I have tried changing every setting as per their support site but it's still not working. Is there a way to have pbxnsip time-out and disconnect the call if it doesn't receive any dtmf input for a period of time?
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