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  1. Good day! I'm trying to call the subscriber 2200 from browser IE 9 using the following hyperlink: http://pbx/remote_call.htm?connect=true&dest=2200 Appears authorization window where you must enter the username and password. But when you enter the name 2001 and the same password authorization fails. If I use the hyperlink: http://pbx/remote_call.htm?user=2001%40domain&connect=true&dest=2200 Appears authorization window where you must enter the username and password. When entering the name 2001 and the same password authentication passes and calls the subscriber. Why does not the authorization? Can I have a corrupted file remote_call.htm? Please help solve the problem. We use SnomONE Zeta Perseids (CentOS32).
  2. Good day! We have two PBX SnomONE in different cities: Moscow (dial plan 4xxx) and Perm (dial plan 2xxx). We have a need to monitor extensions another SnomONE PBX. How to do it optimally? Can I use one Snom phone to monitor extensions of different PBX? Thank you!
  3. Thanks for the reply! But this problem is present on the 8xx series telephones with firmware Downgrade firmware we can not because we need MJPEG. I tried to play with XML-parameters prioritise_pbx_number_lookup and contact_source_priority. For example on the recommendations from the website wiki.snom.com: <prioritise_pbx_number_lookup perm=""> off </ prioritise_pbx_number_lookup> <contact_source_priority perm=""> Sip Ldap InternalTbook Memory </ contact_source_priority> In this case, Michael dialing 2012 sees no name, sees number 2012. I tried to upgrade to version PBX SnomONE Check the license on the site https://snomone.com/upgradev4. But after updating the status of the license: No license. And accordingly phones can not register on the PBX. Any other suggestions?
  4. Good day! We have a similar problem: wrong calles name. When extension 2067 with name "Michael" calls extension 2012 (name - Kate), Michaels phone display shows name: Valentine. Kate and Valentine are sitting in the same room. And Valentines phone has functional key, wich can pickup calls for 2012. How do I make the names displayed are correct? Thanks in advance for your help! It seems to me that the problem occurred after the phone upgraded from version 8.4.35 to version SnomONE - Epsilon Geminids. All phones - Snom 320
  5. We are gradually upgraded from PBXnSIP version. How to make the right kind of Web Page Control?
  6. Good day! Some time ago we upgraded to version But Admin / Web Page Control page remains the same: do not display the changed xml-files. I have not even remember which xml-files I changed. How do I get to the page will display changed xml-files in accordance with the new version Thank you!
  7. Friends, Does anyone know what it is: {enum_button 6 button+6 private=line}? Can I write the following: {if_button 5 none} <fkey idx="4" context="active" perm="RW">{enum_button 6 button+6 private=transfer}</fkey> {fi_button 5 none}{if_button 6 none} <fkey idx="5" context="active" perm="RW">{enum_button 6 button+6 private=mute}</fkey> {fi_button 6 none} ?
  8. Good day! In your example by default button 6 is a line. Can I implement the following scenario?: By defaul button 6 is a Mute. Extension User must be able to program the key 6 individually. Thank you.
  9. Good day! For example I want to see in email message: ___________________________________________ Missed Call from John Smith (2140) You missed the following call: From: John Smith (2140) (click 2140 to call back) (click smith@mailserver.com to send email) To: Bill Murray (2084) Time: 2011 08 02 13:15:26 This email was sent because your account settings have "send missed call" turned on. Please note that some Email clients may suppress the click-to-dial link. Do not reply to this Email. It was sent automatically. ___________________________________________
  10. Good day! In message of missed call from the extension, I see the name and surname. This good. How can I change the file email_missed.htm to see e-mail of extension with hyperlink? Thanks!
  11. Thank you explained. A couple suggestions: 1. Can add functionality to this type of button (Cell phone). In standby mode, this key can be switched on/off call forwarding unconditional. 2. Almost all of our employees have a cell phone. In particular, the secretaries would be very convenient to have one programmed key extension number, which would allow the call to the extension as well as a cell phone (and Intercom course). Programming separate keys for speed dialing *00<someone else's ext number> makes increase the number of Expansion Module. This is not good.
  12. Good day! Help to understand how to work Cell phone button type, wich provide from Snom ONE. 1. On Snome ONE I programmed, for examle, key 7 with button type Cell Phone without parameter. 2. I try to pressing key 7 on phone. And and nothing happens. We liked the work Intercom key feature in the latest version We would like to use the key Cell phone as well as press Intercom. Thanks!
  13. Thank you! Can you tell what is necessary to make settings in IE browser to the file contents displayed on the Web Page Control?
  14. Ok. I restore reg_texts.htm. Firefox displays the file reg_texts is not until the end. The latest version Chrome is better. Now I think that I need to add to reg_texts only: <option>snom_821.xml</option> And then in html folder make snom_821.xml file. Am I right?
  15. Yes, I found in folder webpages xml-file, which is a modified reg_texts.htm file. I deleted it. But the problem remains. Probably need to reboot pbxnsip. I'll do it at night and report the result. By the way: 1. After manipulation of reg_texts.htm file I do not see "Click here to restore the default". 2. I've tested many browsers and for me the best was the Firefox (I can change information on the Web Page Control).
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