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  1. Ok, I recently purchased a guruplug jtag board....globalscale did not send me any drivers or instructions with it. Where can i get drivers to use this with windows 7? If I can't use it with Windows I do have an Ubuntu machine but I would require drivers for that as well... A quick step by step for using it would be nice too since customer service from globalscale has been not existent thus far.
  2. We utilize 2 trunks, one for our POTS lines, the other for Broadvoice. Say we call a buisness that utilizes an autoattendant (from our pots line trunk) we can navigate through their autoattendant no problem. However if we call that same company only using our broadvoice trunk we can't seem to navigate the autoattendant, its almost like the options we are pressing aren't being transmitted. Is this something that we need to configure in the pbx or is it a broadvoice problem?
  3. Travis

    SoHo Firewall

    The reason I'm asking is that my vega gateway is sending sip requests to the soho but the soho is not responding and on the vpn router I am using i've opened all the ports that are required by both systems. the BYE is getting through, but the 200 OK is not. The pbx is getting through to the vega though, when I dial out the status light lights up and it tries to send traffic, but it seems like the pbx won't respond to the vega's requests.
  4. Travis

    SoHo Firewall

    Debian does not have a persistent iptables file. I logged in via ssh and it is not there.
  5. Travis

    SoHo Firewall

    Is there a way to temporarily disable the firewall on the soho? I'm running version, but I'm assuming you have to alter any firewall settings through the SoHo's OS.
  6. What happened to me was as soon as I changed the IP scheme from dhcp to static I was locked out. As far as access goes, I hadn't gotten around to setting that up, so I believe it blocks access for an hour as the default.
  7. ok, thats what i needed to know. I'm still locked out of one Soho, but my second one is working fine. Instead of setting a static IP address in the soho itself I bound its mac address to a fixed IP in the router itself, that seemed to work and helped avoid locking myself out of another soho. I did order a console cable for the one I am locked out of so we'll see how that goes when I get that. Thank you for your help!
  8. what happened was when i hooked up the snom 300 phones to the network i'm guessing that the pbx randomly assigned log in info to the phones (because the default log in does not work), and while i know how to access the xml files on a desktop set up, i don't know how to access it on the soho. I'm guessing I have to do it via a console cable but from there I think I'll probably need a step by step set of instructions for accessing that info.
  9. Ok, thank you. Another question I had is how can I access the snom directory on the soho?
  10. what type of console cable do i need so I can order one? I have 2 different ports besides the usb and rj45 ports.
  11. Yes, I have tried that. It was working fine until I changed from dhcp to static. I've read in the forums that multiple people have had this issue.
  12. I set up a static IP scheme for my Soho, and now the device is unresponsive when I try to log in via the web interface. I also cannot ping the soho on the current or old IP. How can I reset it to factory default?
  13. I have the pbx set up to use *85 for both parking and retrieving calls, and it works perfectly. The problem is that regardless of what i use for a time limit for the park reminder it will call back to the phone that parked it after about 20 seconds. Is this a bug or are thier additional settings someplace in the pbx or on the phones themselves (we are using 360s with firmware 8.4.32, and pbx version 4.5)
  14. Thats what I figured, but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks for the quick reply!
  15. Maybe I'm just not seeing the option, but is there a way to have the pbx email users when recieving a voicemail after hours instead of every time they recieve a voicemail?
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