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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, and sorry for the late follow-up! We are running 2011- and 8.4.35 on 360's, with nothing on screen during a manual recording (except the flashing symbol). I will upgrade to the latest release shortly and report back.
  2. Hi, we are currently recording all calls by default (through the domain settings), however we are about to take card payments over the phone which raises problems. The PCI DSS rules (in short) mean that the CVV2 number must never be stored, and storing other details raises all sorts of security requirements we want to avoid. We use a third-party payment handler so the payment details are not otherwise stored by us. I am trying to work out a solution, however there are a few problems: - Obviously the first thing I tried was pressing the record button, but that just doubles up the recording. If that button can be optionally enabled to pause the domain-level recording then that would be perfect! - Manually triggered recordings - a problem is that they are all dumped in the recordings folder with no information to recover them by an administrator. Secondly they are broken into two files. Thirdly, the user can delete them at will from their login. If these can be named using the domain recording schema that would be good. - Possibly some way of putting them through to an extension with recording disabled and then back again? I don't know enough about Snom One to work out the best way of achieving this though, and it seems a kludge. Thanks, Gareth
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