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  1. How to check, if the Server the pbx is installed to (same Hardware, no changes) can reach the license Server? Is there a URL I can lookup in the browser or ping a Domain Name in order to exclude there is something wrong to reach the license Server?
  2. Hello, after upgrading to V5.2 the pbx asked us for Activation Code in order to retrieve the license. But it seems, that after pasting the Activation Code and pressing the "Send" button, nothing happens, even after waiting some minutes. We downgraded to V5.0 but still missing the license and aren't able to activate the System. Fortunately, this is only a test machine, but in productive Environment we would now running into disaster. For the future: How to backup the license, in order to prevent such a blackout after unsucessful activation issue? Just backup the pbx.XML? In case this is an issue with unsufficient Maintenance Period? Is there a difference between "no licence" (shown) and "invalid license / unsufficient Maintenance period" Where we can see, if there is retrieved a licence at all? Where is the license stored on the Server? Regards, Lucas
  3. Thanks a lot! Any Idea how to secure that Feature from abuse? Is there a way to allow only trusted callers to dial-in?
  4. Fine, we have a V5 System (Sandbox Server only) an will move our V4 there. So I understand, all we need are just these two Settings, only. Thus, if the DID matches to an Extension, the Extension is called. If not, the number is Interpret as an number to be dialled according the dialplan, isn't it? Can the "Accept Redirect" be kept to "No"? Or is that Feature based on allowing redirections? How to set, that not anybody is allowed to use that way of making calls? The field "Explicitly list addresses for inbound traffice" certainly means IP-Adresses rather than telephone numbers which must match. Only a few mobile phones should be allowed to use that trunk. Is there a way to White-list them?
  5. I found the Setting "Inter-Office Trunk" but neither "Trunk may terminate calls for remote Systems" nor a Dialplan-Selection (Version Are these Settings a Feature of V5 or can be found elsewhere than in trunk-Settings?
  6. I had tried a few things, but didn't got ahead. I think the Problem is, that an incoming call can be routed to an Extension only, no matter which dialplans (even inter-Domain settings) are set. Under 'Routing/Redirection' in the trunk Settings, the Manual tells me I can only enter Extension numbers. Again, we are searching for making Callthrough-Calls from our mobile-phones by dialling the Destination number as an DID. Assume that our Office-number is 089-5555-0 we would like to call 089-5555-0176123456 in order the pbx detects the 'DID' 0176123456 and redirects our incoming mobile-call to that external number. I think, the first step should be, to get an incoming call being forwarded to a pre-defined number (for testing). If this works, than we can care about forwarding individually by DID. I fail with that first step. If I type-in the test-Destination number any incoming call should be forwarded to, into the 'send call to extension' the call Fails, because there is no Extension with 0176123456. I'm sure dialplans will be ignored, as the System is only searching for extensions and doesn't cares about dialplans for Routing incoming calls, isn't it? What about the Redirect Feature? I found some description in the WIKI, but didn't understand how the redirection works. Is there a way to get the incoming call redirected to a pre-defined number or better the dialled DID (which is an external number)?
  7. Yes, that's sounds very good and it might be exactly we are searching for!! Any hints how to set this up (some Special Regex's)? Is there a way to proof incoming caller ID, so only registered callers can use that trunk-to-trunk Gateway?
  8. Sorry, I've mixed up "Dialling own Extension" and "Calling Card", but the question is still the same: Directly callthrough without Authentication by PIN, just by Caller ID and Destination-Number extracted from excess-length DID instead of entering via DTMF. If I understood you right, there is no way to do that?
  9. Hello everyone, we are using the PBX to make calls from our Mobile Phones (GSM-Cellphone) through the PBX in order to show the called Party the Office-Phone Number instead of the mobile Phone Number. We call the PBX, then press 1 for Outgoing Call, then type-in the Phone Number we want to be connected to and press #. Some Calling Card Providers offer Callthrough and we think it might be possible to run the same Service with Vodia PBX: Let's say the Calling-Card Extension is +498912345-678. Instead of calling that Extension and get the announcement "Press 1 for Outgoing Call" and so on, we dial +498912345678901761234567 The PBX gets that overlong DID and retrieves the Digits 01761234567 as the requested destination number and directly forwards the Call to that number. No message played, no DTMF Input neccessary. In case the Destination Number is busy the call isn't answered (and forwarded) through the pbx and the Calling Card User gets the Busy tone. Is there a way to configure the CallingCard Extension in such a way (e. g. Dialplan Regex)? Regards from Germany
  10. Sorry, found myself: PBX-Administration-Level: eMail / Messages: 'When a registration changes its address but keeps the call-ID' was set to yes! That's it!
  11. Hello, I've set up an extension for a doorphone which works very fine. But every two minutes I get an email, telling me: Source address for "2N EntryCom IP Uni" <sip:19@mypbx.com>;tag=22804 has changed from udp:xx.xx.xx.xx:44710 to udp:xx.xx.xx.xx:44712 (Different ports every time, of course). I've checked all the settings to stop these emails, even restarted the pbx but without success. Since a few days I've got thousands of emails. I've checked these settings: Extension-Level / eMail-Settings: all eMail-Notifications are disabled Extension-Level / Registration-Settings: Log registration change = no logging Domain-Level: No settings found to change this behaviour PBX-Level: Status / Logging: All Log Levels = 0 Important / SIP-Logging = All NO Any idea which setting I've missed?
  12. Again, we have the same issue. We got just informed that there are registrations from the United States (noone of our users is there) are done. We get this message (where x.x.x.x is the IP of our PBX): REGISTER sip:x.x.x.x:5060 SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK5522310192a69a552ef6db8;rport From: "5005" <sip:5005@x.x.x.x:5060>;tag=552231082cf To: "5005" <sip:5005@x.x.x.x:5060> Call-ID: 310192a-10bf69a5-52ef6db8@x.x.x.x CSeq: 1 REGISTER Contact: "5005" <sip:5005@> User-Agent: VaxSIPUserAgent/3.1 Expires: 1800 Max-Forwards: 70 Content-Length: 0 I've I understood you right, the only way we have, is to keep our passwords secure. Is there a way to retrieve from the above message, which account of which tenant has been cracked? Not one of our multi-tenant pbx has an accout 5005. Do you mean settings made on the Trunk-Provider Side or settings on the Trunks of the SnomOne?
  13. Wie sind die Einstellungen bei Sipgate? Ist dort eingestellt, dass die anzuzeigende Absenderrufnummer von der Anlage kommt? Wenn bei Sipgate eine feste Absenderrufnummer eingestellt ist, werden die Einstellungen der Anlage ignoriert.
  14. Excellent. I'm sure this helps. Was that insider-knowledge or can we find those informations in the wiki or elsewhere?
  15. Where can I find more details about the Syntax of the "URL for sending text messages to cell phones" (at mypbx/reg_messages.htm)? We have a SMS-Gateway installed, supporting HTTP-API (http://www.diafaan.com/applications/web-service-sms-gateway/) and I'd like to use it with our pbx.
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