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  1. Yes sir, I have updated the snom one plus to the latest version 4.5 but still the co lines cannot be edited. that's why i raised it here. maybe the update process is not finished but how are we supposed to know that the pbx finished downloading the updates? there is no indication or a progress bar or download percentage that are visible during the update process. i just followed the snom one wiki that states there that the download should be finished by more then 30 minutes. i restarted the pbx after 2 hours of downloading.i don't know if it actually updated all the files it needed. but the status page tells me that the version now is 4.5 and then, co lines still cannot be edited. anyway, is there any other way possible (a work around)that i can do to make the pbx do what the client is needing? like the specific trunk port access of the sangoma card. the sangoma card has a model of A200 with 4 fxo ports..
  2. Hi, Our distributor emailed us the license for snom one plus but the problem is when i try to input the 12 digit license code, then clicking save and then going to the status page, nothing happens, the pbx is still just unlicensed.. though the pbx can reach the internet because when i use its network utilities under the server console, the pbx can ping external addresses... what maybe is the cause of this? thank you
  3. Hi all we have lost the book (manual) that contains the activation code for the snom one plus... how can we obtain another one so that the license can be activated for this pbx? thank you so much
  4. Hi I have been following the guide in this link http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Outbound_Calling_with_Shared_Lines but i can't finish the required settings because i cannot find the co line settings webpage link inside the snom one plus. i have now updated the pbx to version 4.5. my goal is to make an outbound call using the trunk of your choice. for example, trunk1 is connected to port2, trunk2 to port2, trunk3 to port3, trunk4 to port4. the user wishes to make an outbound call using port 4. what will be the needed configuration in snom one plus so that the pbx can directly access the port 4 of the sangoma card? in other pbx systems, we dial an access code similar to that of the star codes in snom one. example: in other pbx, the user tries to directly access trunk4 which is in the port4 so therefore the user will dial *9043055942 note: *9 = access code (star code) 04 = pbx trunk port number 3055942 = telephone number thank you...
  5. Hi All Auto provisioning of snom one plus is not working as compared to the windows version of it. Snom one plus cannot detect the presence of a snom phone but the windows version of its software is able to provide the necessary provisioning configuration. I have followed the steps on the snom one wiki on how to setup the auto provisioning of snom one using the snom one plug and play tutorial based on the tutorial, i have found some parameters missing on the snom one plus plug and play settings which maybe i am thinking that it may be the cause of the auto provisioning (plug and play feature) not to work.. thank you so much
  6. Hi all!!! we have here an old quintum tenor ax gateway... i want to let it work with snom one... but i don't know how... do anybody have an idea? thank you so much...
  7. Hi all, i am new here and also the snom one pbx is new to me... i have installed a snom one pbx system inside windows with sangoma a200 4 port netborder express. the problem i am encountering now is that when an incoming trunk call is received by snom one's auto attendant via sangoma a200 and it requests the caller to dial an extension number, the auto attendant does not acknowledge the input digits it only loops its message and nothing happens... but when the send to extension is set to a voip phone, the call is established and there is no problem. what would may be the cause of the problem?
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