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  1. I've made a few tests, redirections/permissions configurations but with no luck. You are right. Too complicated mechanism will cause more problems than benefits. On the other hand, the current Snom One redirection rules are too limited, too simple. I think, the separation of forwarding rules for internal and external connections, and adding the possibility of entering a few exception numbers ("no redirected callers") would be the optimal solution that would solve 99% redirection problems and wouldn't be too complicated.
  2. Thanks for response. I think, current snom one functionality doesn't let me to achieve desired results. My problem: I have extension 4899. I want to have a possibility to answer calls from a few internal numbers: 4811, 4813 and whole external calls. The rest should be redirected to my secretary's extension. Is it possible to achieve it with current Snom One? If no, are you going to extend redirection rules in the future releases to make these rules more complex and flexible (good example: 3cx forward rules)?
  3. Hello Is it possible to add exceptions for call redirection for extension? For example, I want to redirect all calls except one (from my boss extension). Thanks jano
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