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  1. I was testing with polycom 430(firmware 3.2.6) and it worked, I added the contacts manually on the phone and they were saved after reboot. This is why I am trying to find the solution for 601.
  2. I am not adding contact from MAC-directory.xml(meaning they should not be downloaded from the server), I want to add them manually on the phone and when i reboot they should be saved, but they are removed for some reason.
  3. Hi, I have a Polycom 601 with firmware 2.2.2. I am trying to add some contact to a directory, but after i reboot the phone they are not saved. Also i upgraded my phone to 3.1.8 firmware and the same thing happens, contact are not saved after reboot. Please advise.
  4. But to do this we need to buy additional hardware(Snom ONE), or no? Thanks.
  5. Yes, the PBX is running on a public IP(we use company services which provide us hosted PBX). The article that you provided, describes how to provision Snom using Snom ONE PBX(as I understood). The thing is, that we have just one snom phone in the office and we just want to configure it using the web interface. Is there a simplier solution to do so? Thanks.
  6. So you are saying that we should trigger the port 5060 on the router and assign to this port(5060) incoming Ports range like 10000-10999?Should we also trigger some ports for RTP? Please correct me if I am wrong. "Just use TLS (actually Plug and Play)." - by saying this meant we should enable UPnP on a router? Btw we are using hosted PBX(if this helps) Thanks.
  7. Hi, We are trying to configure SNOM 300 to work on our network. After a configuration the phone successfully registered to a SIP server (which is located outside of our network) and can make outgoing calls. But the problem is that the phone is not receiving incoming calls. When I try to call this phone I get a fast busy. We forwarded a port 5061 on a router, but that didnt help. Here is the registration status of this phone on a sip server: Registered from: sip:0161100@;line=gld055d1 Last registered: 2012-05-16 10:49:52 Contact: sip:0161100@;line=gld055d1 Model: snom300/7.3.30 Please advise. Thanks.
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