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  1. You can edit web page codes and set 60 seconds. Take care, Taner
  2. Hi Ramesh, there's no option for that. You can use Hunt groups OR use different agent groups for every agent and forward the call between groups for similar effect. take care, Taner
  3. Hi Henrik, Our call center solution is based on Vodia/Snomone, also using Windows server IIS and SQL server 2017. We offer our solutions as SaaS model and price is per user/month. Call center agent panel features • Mini crm (name-surname-address,... plus 10 custom fields) • Call history • Agent personal performance dashboard • Full softphone functions (call-hangup-transfer-hold) • Call dispositions • Callback list Admin panel features; • Import customer data from excel • Customer list management • Autodialer (progressive) • Wallboard (for displaying in a big screen) • Dashboard (for displaying agent status with minutes (talking- waiting-on break…) • Campaign management (users, lists, call dispositions) • User management • Blacklist management • Break management • Agent performance, missed calls, queue, detailed calls reports including record listening • Call disposition management and reports • Etc… Also we can schedule a skype demo if youre interested. Regards, Taner
  4. Hi Henrikt, are you looking for a product or consultancy? We developed a full functional contact center solution over vodia including wallboards... Regards, Taner
  5. tanerultanir


    Please contact me at tanerultanir@hotmail.com for demo username and password.
  6. tanerultanir


    Hi Miguel, we are developing solutions on top of pbxnsip / snomone / vodia. I beleive our reporting solution can meet your reqs. Please contact me at skype:regextr for a quick demo and details. Regards, Taner
  7. We have developed an application for this feature with added value, and its not only for agent groups... It checks all the incoming calls, compare phone number with the cdr records and find the latest extension (with talk time>0 of course), and routes the call to that extension. If the extension busy or not available, routes to designated agent group or AA, thanks to extension redirection feature. Thanks, Taner
  8. its almost a month guys! Any news...?
  9. That feature is in agent group settings for years. Please dont tell me its not working. Any comment?
  10. Hi Andrew, we are a software company that develop solutions on top of snomone, and we have a reporting app that calculates idle times, even average idle times between calls If interested please drop me a messeage. Regards, Taner
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