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  1. It is not a good partnership when you withdraw all support for your product in an attempt to force your clients to pay you for upgrades.
  2. I think it is much worse than the issue of charging more and/or additional for the same product bought under a clear agreement and understanding. For those of us choosing to maintain version 4, there would, at this time anyway, seem to be zero support. I have a number of issues some of which are extremely serious and damaging to my business that are being ignored. In fact one of the statements from a so called 'support engineer' was "This looks like a defect on this version, please backup your system and roll to 4.5.1 or version 5, unfortunately I cannot test 4.6 since that was an overlap version to 4.5. , our development team are only working on V5 today." So, the question is, even if we bought into the very expensive upgrade, why would we be inclined to believe that the next major move on this prouduct would not leave us as high and dry as this one. Version 6 could as easily come with the same kind of price hike, and be forced due to no version 5 support. A class action springs to mind folks?
  3. Have the same issue myself. I wonder at the reality of the 'check your license' facility. Either these guys know what their licenses are and where they are or they have serious issues regarding what licenses they have out there and what licenses they dont. An odd facility - check your license!
  4. Let us all know how you got on with that?
  5. Vance

    Version 5

    Could I invite you to read your original post in this thread!!!!!!!!!! The topic is only about the move from version 4 to version 5 and the change in model. Are you suggesting that you start a thread with a subject and now want to stop everyone from discussing it?
  6. Vance

    Version 5

    Well, yes you did. We purchased Snom One products at a promulgated one-off price and subsequently, certainly in my case, a lot of Snom phones. This was the stated model. The PBX was at a price that encouraged the purchase of the associated phones. In fact, third-party phones were restricted. Now, the model has completely changed. The cost of the PBX is vastly higher so anyone who was working under the original model can no longer justify the upfront costs against their original business plan. What might be considered 'class' is a company that spent some time working communication with their loyal clients before rushing into a completely different model illustrated by the constant changes in pricing since you first went into this. If you were that sorry you would fix it.
  7. Vance

    Version 5

    I think it is worse than 'confusing'. For those of us who commited to this company and built our businesses based on the model that was promulgated, the change this time is fatal. Worse, the statement that 'you dont have to change to 5.x we are still supporting 4.x' has proved to be somewhat untrue. Every request for a bug fix is replied with 'move to 5'. I wonder if in fact Vodia even have the code base running for the previous version based on some of the support I am getting.
  8. Hi A problem with this release is that the CDR report only shows 100 calls regardless of how many are actually made. This is the report sent via the command "send daily CDR report to' in the extension used as 'assume thta caller comes from'. Vance
  9. Hi That is a fix! I have put through a few hundred calls and they all terminated correctly. Best regards Vance
  10. Hi Could really do with a solution to this even if it is only a test version. Anyone getting this? Vance
  11. Any joy lads. Got lots of calls I can testthis with
  12. That is not the issue. This issue we are talking about here is where a call comes in on a trunk and uses the account (Assume that the call comes from user) to terminate the call which in turns sends the call out of another trunk. If the B-End hangs up the A-End does not receive the BYE so it stays holding that end up. Big problem and means, for me anyway, that at least one client cannot use anything greater than 4.2. Log trace of at least one call is attached. Document.rtf
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