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  1. Hello, I noticed that some time, when clicking on a search result in google, pointing to this website, I get redirected to url4short.info website. At first I thought it was some kind of CDN, but after a google search I found out that it was a behaviour to be expected in compromised forums. I put a link to a webiste explaining how to check and solve the issue, if you find you have been compromised. http://peter.upfold.org.uk/blog/2013/01/15/cleaning-up-the-ip-board-url4short-mess/
  2. Just to let everyone knows, the official website reported a wroing version is buggy.you have to download by pointing your browser manually to the url of that version e.g. website link http://snomone.com/downloads/snomONE/debian32/pbxctrl-debian32- right link http://snomone.com/downloads/snomONE/debian32/pbxctrl-debian32-
  3. Hello, maybe I sent the email to the wrong address. Can you confirm whether you received two emails referring to this thread?
  4. Thanks, I sent the info. What is the meaning of the date 08/02/2014 in my status window ?
  5. Hello, I'm running v Debian32 and I wanted to update to the latest 4.5 version. I followed the instruction on this webpage http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Updates My licence has passed the validation for upgrade but when I install the new version I see these log lines 2014/01/13 21:52:05: Writing the license code... [0] 2014/01/13 21:52:05: License suspended: License not applicable for this edition [0] 2014/01/13 21:52:05: License suspended: Upgrade not covered by license key (08 02 2014) How can I upgrade to the last version and what does the date "08/02/2014" mean? Thanks
  6. Hello, to enanche security I uploaded my AES256-SHA1 certifcate signed with 4096bit encryption. When connecting to the pxb website, the cipher used is still RC4 128 bit If I disable it in my web browser, it doesn't not find a common cipher to use. My question is, how to install / enable AES256 encryption?
  7. Hello, What I would like to do Be able to switch set/clear a service flag remotely by calling in from a mobile phone. The service flash is associated with a hunt group. This way I can forward incoming calls to one user or another without the need for the user to insert pin or numbers..(hence removing the chanches of human errors) I had to use the call forward instead, so the user would have to put the number is each time
  8. "we are sorry, but you are not allowed to place this call" the AA is setup with pattern "601" and destination "601" 601 is a service flag set to manual, active/inactive with * as extension allowed Here's the log [6] 2013/06/18 00:02:08: Received DTMF 6, call type attendant [8] 2013/06/18 00:02:08: call port 200: state code from 200 to 200 [8] 2013/06/18 00:02:09: Last message repeated 2 times [6] 2013/06/18 00:02:09: Received DTMF 0, call type attendant [8] 2013/06/18 00:02:09: call port 200: state code from 200 to 200 [6] 2013/06/18 00:02:09: Received DTMF 1, call type attendant [8] 2013/06/18 00:02:09: Play audio_en/ex_permission.wav, caching false
  9. I know it's a old topic but I have the same issue today. version 4.5 neither cell nor calling card account work. Whatever I try from remote, i always end up "you are not allowed" Can anybody help?
  10. I'm sure it's chrome.. no issue with firefox or internet explorer
  11. You have a remote connection issue, but you have yet to say anything about your firewall log. Do you see the connection going to the snomONE and then out the snomONE to your remote computer? Is anything changed from the network point of view in your location?
  12. For info, I found the bug in snom_3XX pnp file in the section <web_language> you can still see reference to language_audio if anyone has the same issue, simply change the language_audio to language_web
  13. I can see that the value is "French" instead on English. My point is, why is the pbx creating file with the wrong language? I also tried to enable "save generated to log" as well as delete all the generated files. No change
  14. I checked and every extension still has "domain default", in the snom_3xx_phone.xml file I have <language perm="RW">{enum extension lang_audio English sp=Espanol de=Deutsch fr=Francais nl=Nederlands ru=Russian dk=Dansk it=Italiano pl=Polski tr=Turkce cn=Chinese}</language> <web_language perm="RW">{enum extension lang_audio English sp=Espanol de=Deutsch fr=Francais nl=Nederlands ru=Russian dk=Dansk it=Italiano pl=Polski tr=Turkce cn=Chinese}</web_language> <tone_scheme perm="RW">{enum domain lang_tones USA de=GER fr=FRA uk=GBR in=IND it=ITA jp=JPN mx=MEX nl=NLD no=NOR sp=ESP sw=SWD}</tone_scheme> and the domain language is set to English, after the initial French. The language passed is still French
  15. Hello, I have seveal snom300 connected to a snomone 4.5 Delta. I configured them with PnP (save to log) and setup server_setting: http://pbx_ip_address/prov/snom300.htm If I reboot them I can see that they download the configuration, however, when I change a setting in the domain, the configuration file is always the same. In the real scenario I wanted to change domain language from French to English, then I redirect my browser to the provisioning address using the same credential of the phone, and I can still see that the language passed is French.
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