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  1. Right. The customer is not going to pay that much, even with a 50% discount, to possibly solve a problem. Surely you can confirm what the expected behaviour of an extension with DND set is on 4.5?
  2. Would the upgrade from 4.5 to 5.2 be free of charge?
  3. SnomONE 4.5, handsets are 300s and 320s. Each extension account has call forwarding configured to overflow an incoming call to a hunt group on busy or NA. When the users are away from their desks, they hit the DND button expecting the extension to show as busy and the call to overflow. I'm almost certain that this was the behaviour when the system was first installed! What is actually happening is that the caller is getting an 'unavailable' message instead. How can we configure the system to overflow calls when DND is set rather than rejecting them?
  4. Ah, many thanks. I'd got it in my head that the Snom 300 couldn't be programmed with the button profiles.
  5. Using Snom ONE v4.5.0.1075 Delta Aurigids How do I set a button on a Snom 300 handset to toggle a service flag on the PBX? I want the button LED to reflect the state of the service flag, so I assume it's not as easy as sending the appropriate * code as a speed dial. Thanks in advance
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