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  1. That's it! Thank you very much! Regards, J. Fuchs
  2. I have edited "Setting for snom 300 (button 3):" in the PnP settings and button number 3 in the button profile. After deleting the value "keyevent F_REDIAL" in the PnP settings, the button has no function anymore, even if the button profile is assigned. Is there a restriction, that snom 300 buttons 3 - 6 can only be configured by PnP? Or is there a way to configure a service flag button in the PnP settings? Thanks in advance! Regards, Joachim
  3. I have the same problem (running 2011- Beta Corona Austrinids), but your solution doesn't work for me. If I clean the PnP setting for key 3 and assign a button profile with key 3, the key 3 has no function at all. I can only configure button 1 and 2 by button profiles... Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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