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  1. Hello, i am unable to upload italian prompt on a snomone mini Zeta Perseids . I go on software update and paste the link found on http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Language_Prompts . This is the error on the logfile: [3] 2013/04/04 16:04:41: Software update: Sending request for file http://snomone.com/downloads/snomONE/audio/audio_it/aa_airline.wav [5] 2013/04/04 16:04:41: The type is not executable for file audio_it/aa_airline.wav [1] 2013/04/04 15:57:29: software update error: Received error code 0 for file http://snomone.com/downloads/snomONE/audio/audio_it/mb_callback_number.wav I think this is a problem only on the italian xml file. If I try to upload french, it work perfectly.
  2. Yes you are also right, we still have to see the prices.. Im also worried for all european snomone users. Hope the new snomone company "Vodia Networks INC" will keep following european based needs like ISDN BRI lines ecc. and not just focus on USA needs like Digium does.
  3. Can't believe this! 1 AA 1 Huntgroup No paging till snom 80! What's this? For ALL my clients and myself Snom 80 is not enough! 4 Hunt groups? Seriously thinking on moving to 3CX!
  4. Hello, there is a serious problem on attended transfers with "transfer on-hook" feature enabled. The clid does not updated on attended transfers terminated placing handset onhook. Pressing instead 2 times the transfer button updates clid correctly. This is a very serious problem because when a client is used to transfer calls with a legacy pbx like samsung or other, he wants to keep transferring calls the same way he always did.. (without having to choose between attended or blind transfer): This is how it works on a legacy, samsung or other traditional pbx: 1. I answer the phone. "A" 2. I press tranfer. 3. I dial the desired extention "B". 4. I speak or dont speak with "B". 5. I hangup and call gets transferred anyway. CALLER ID GETS UPDATED IN ANYCASE! ---------------- Using a Snom 720 (EXT A) and Snom 821 (EXT "B"). Both Ver Snom Mini 1. EXT caller rings "A" 2. "A" answers with handset 3. "A" puts call on hold, dials extension "B" 4. "B" Sees the incoming CLID as "Ext A" . 5. "B" answeres. IF 5. "A" presses 2 times the transfer button. : EXT gets transferred to "B" and "B" gets clid updated with "EXT caller" callerid. IF 5. "A" hangs up the handset.: EXT gets transfered to "B" but "B" does not get clid updated and keeps seeing "EXT A" as callerid ... -------------------------- Need a bugfix asap!! Thanks.
  5. Hello, i am attending the snom one online training course. At the end of the "Trunks" video you speak about some videos about trunking 2 snom one's together and other useful videos, buy they do not appear in the video list. Can you upload them or send them by email? Thanks. E.
  6. Hello, this is my first post and i wanted to know wich is the best say to set up snomone pbxs in Terms of connecting them to the internet, LAN, qos, fw, autoprovisioning ecc... At the moment i can think of these options: 1. Set the snomone with a fixed public ip and fqdn, manage qos trough a hardware firewall. 2. Set the snomone with a local ip and use nat and fqdn, manage qos trough a hardware firewall. 3. Set she snomone with 2 ip s or Nic s , one for LAN and one for public ip and fqdn, manage qos trough a hardware firewall. What If i want to have two wan connections (managed by a dual wan firewall like the draytek 2920) to have a backup connection for VoIP trunks. What If i want to load balance x VoIP calls on a connection and x on another instead of using one for backup? Thank you very much and sorry for my english!
  7. Hello, the snom blue tecnical datasheet states that il supports max 40 3rd party sip registrations. What if i have an hotel client wich has 200fxs phones and want to mantain them? Thanks.
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