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  1. Ive got a domain that I need to modify, Currently, the username is coming through on the CID when you call out of the system. Is there a way on a domain level to globally overwrite the name that comes out? So instead of the username coming through, it would be the company name. I looked under the trunk settings but didnt find anything. Thanks - Sudo
  2. Seems like when some phones reboot, they will re register to the pbx and when others reboot they will not and Ill have to open the ext for mac based provisioning. Seems very inconsistent. Both polycoms and snom phones. Can anyone shed some light on this connundrum? Sudo
  3. Haha, They dont want to pay me for a new ext.
  4. Is there any other ways to transfer to an outside DID without using an AA or ext? Ive got a cust that wants to forward out to a cell during a time period. If we use the AA the caller will have to press a digit to select an AA option as the timeout feature will only forward to an internal ext. They want to avoid the caller pressing anything. Are there any other tools or tricks that we can use to forward out to an outside DID?
  5. What PnP config file and what string in that file has the username and password to login to the M9 base station? snom_3xx_phone.xml ???
  6. Well, is this a known issue that was fixed in ver 5.2.2? Can you send me the release notes?
  7. Running ver 5.2.1 now and Im getting complaints from windows users on IE, FF, Crome IE never plays/downloads audio FF/Chrome only works about 25% of the time. Any thoughts as to why?
  8. Is it possible to get a sidecar to work for Polycoms? Is this only available for Snom phone? Can anyprovide me a link to instructions? My searches have not pulled anything up.
  9. Where on the webui do you change the voicemail prefix. The default is 8. ie to send a call to ext 400's vm you transfer to 8400. Ive got a cust that uses the ext range 8XX and I need to change the voicemail prefix.
  10. Im concerned that we are barking up the wrong tree. Out of the 20 domains I have on this system, this is the only one with a time issue. Whats more is that when I provision a phone to their domain from my office, I get the correct time. This has to be local to their environment. Please correct me if im wrong. What could cause this? A firewall? The cust stated that there has been no changes to their environment.
  11. Ive got the following: <ntp_server perm="RW">pool.ntp.org</ntp_server> What do I change this to to the PBX the NTP server?
  12. He says all phones except their m9's have incorrect time. I wonder what gives...
  13. So I removed the poot.ntp.org and added the port 123. The server field in the NTP section disappeared, leaving only the field for port. There was no asterisk next to this so I assume the service does not need to be restarted. After these changes, we re provisioned the phones and we are getting the same issue. They are not blocking any ports from the PBX and say that they have not made any changes to their network for some time.
  14. Ive got a customer that is remote to the PBX. They are complaining that all the phones are displaying the incorrect date/time. They come up with 5:02pm 1999. I have provisioned a Snom 360 to their domain from my office and it registers with the correct date/time and keeps it. The domain and extension settings are set to the correct time zone (MST). Is the NTP coming from the Snom server or is it being redirected to another NTP server? If so, what one? Any thoughts as to why they are not getting good time and date while at their office?
  15. What do you mean by "an alias name"?
  16. After updating to ver 5.1.3 ive noticed the adding domain admins section has changed. Instead of opening a new window, it expands below the list of domains. I cant add any new domain admins here. When I try I get the following error: "The list contains an invalid name. The domain has not been created." Im not in the new domain section. Im in the Domain Administrators section. I add the name and password and hit save and get the error. All the domain admins that were carried over from the old version are still there, I just cant add any new domain admins. Is this a bug in the new version or is there something else I can try?
  17. Since the update to ver 5.1.3 the daily call reports sent out do not have the call direction ( I/O) Any way I can tweak the template to include this? Ive got customers inquiring. Thanks
  18. Restored the polycom PnP to defaults and re provisioned with no luck....
  19. What logging should I increase? SIP events? media events? The default dialplan simply sends everything (8) to the SIP trunk. There was a modified PnP file for the polycoms that may have been causing us issues. Ill reset that to default and push out the config and see if that clears up the issue.
  20. Ive got a domain that has one DID that hits a IVR, then rings out to hunt groups. They are trying to forward calls out to their cell phone. I have added their cell phone number and changed the "When ringing this ext in a hunt group" to "Include cell phone" The problem is that its not forwarding out to the cell. I tested this on another domain on the system and its forwarding out fine in a similar domain architecture. What settings need to be enable to forward out to the cell? What logging should be increased to find the issue? Any help is appreciated.
  21. Its weird. I replaced her email with mine and tested and I got the full report, in and out. I put her email address back in place and tested again and she got the full report. Ill let you know if there are any issues with tonights report.
  22. I updated to ver 5.1.3 last night. This morning I have a cust saying that they are only getting outbound calls in their Midnight Event - Daily CDR report. Did this change in the new system? How do I get the inbound calls in this report?
  23. Ive got a cust complaining that they are getting a lot of google voice calls that just hang on the AA, then leave long, blank messages. They are wondering if there is any way to block or disconnect these calls. I can block numbers from my gateway, but this will block them from calling any of my customers and this is not preferred. Anyone experience a similar issue? Any tips or tricks that we can employ to kill these calls?
  24. Ive got an issue where you login to the pbx and go to call recordings. There are call recordings populated, but when you click on the play button the little trackbar disappears and the recording does not play nor does it start to download. We have tried on Firefox, IE, and Opera and all are failing. Whats the fix here? Im running Software-Version: 5.1.2d (CentOS64)
  25. Ive got a customer complaining that there are some phones in a ring group that are not ringing. However, the BLF lights when the call comes in. They said that this is intermittent and not readily reproduceable. Anyone seen this before? Any suggestions? What logging should I increase to see the failure in the logfile? Many appreciations.
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