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  1. Version 64 How can agent login and out? Regards find
  2. after 3 restarts it came ??
  3. Hi I have copied /usr/local/pbx to a bigger machine running CentOS64, but it will not start, what to do to get it to work? Regards find
  4. Proposed duration is sent to provider, but registration is controlled by keep-alive time, that gives some strange errors ? regards find
  5. Thank you, the star is removed Regards find
  6. Vodia Version: 63.0.2 I have programmed pin for my service flags, but it changes state without asking for the pin. Any solution for this? Regards find
  7. I have the same problem. 76 extensions, no one can log on, firewall off, all the ports in are standard, they get 404. WIN10 ver. 56 on snom
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