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  1. Thanks Tron for your reply. Finally i got it working by setting up the SRV records and selecting the transport to MTLS at the OCS side. Thanks for everyone... Regards Vinod
  2. Thanks for the info Tron... Im now able to make outbound calls from OCS communicator. But for some reason the inbound calls to the OCS doesnt work. I have tried with the following setup. Manual registration: REGISTER 801 sip:20xxxxxxxx@apex.viva.com;transport=tcp check-sync Click here to clear the registrations. OCS user logged on Communicator is vinod Line URI for the OCS user vinod is tel:20xxxxxxxx When im trying to make a call from the pbxnsip extension 802 to 801, im hearing the ringing tone but it doesnt ring on the communicator. Is there anything wrong in my setup? Regards Vinod
  3. Hello, Please find the "Working Directory" attached herewith. I have also emailed the files to support. Many Thanks Vinod PBX.zip
  4. Hi, I have attached the pcap trace of a test call made. Also what is the "Working Directory" you are referring to. Please advice. Thanks Vinod pcap_trace.zip
  5. Yes i got transport=tcp written on both the trunk side as well as the manual registration... Please advice what should i do... Thanks Vinod
  6. Hello, I am very new to this OCS integration with pbxnsip. I did the exact settings as mentioned in http://support.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Offic...ications_Server. My OCS & Pbxnsip environment: OCS Version: OCS 2007 R2 Standard Edition Evaluation Version Pbxnsip Version: (Win32) Trial License OCS & ADS: Mediation Server: Pbxnsip: While i'm trying to make a call from a pbxnsip extension to reach the OCS user, i'm getting "Connection refused on udp:" at the pbxnsip logfile and the call doesn't go through. Can someone please advice on this. Many Thanks Vinod
  7. Hi, We are using eyebeam softphone and the softphone gets reregisters automatically. i.e. after configuring the extension on the eyebeam, the registration seems to be stable for 2 minutes and then it shows Login Failed: authentication required and then tries to re-register and gets registered and repeats on. But all the other sub-domain accounts are working perfectly. The problem is happening on with this sub-domain. Can anyone please help me with this? Thanks Vinod
  8. Hi Im trying to register the xlite softphone on a Mac laptop. It gets registered, but shows IP as as the following Registered Yes WWW Contact sip:813@ User Agent X-Lite release 1014k stamp 47051 Also im not receiving incoming calls, but can make outgoing calls. Another issue is that, there is no audio on either side to hear. But the audio works perfectly for other IM applications like skype, yahoo etc..to make sure that there is no problem with the laptop mic & speakers. Is this the that make these consequent issues? I have no idea about this. Please someone help me with this problem.. Thanks Vinod
  9. Hi, I am able to register and make outbound calls from my eyebeam softphone. But i cant receive incoming calls and it announces "The extension is busy at the moment" when calling my eyebeam. But with x-lite both incoming and outgoing works fine without any problem. Please someone help me with this. Thanks Vinod
  10. Thanks for your help...
  11. Hi I'm new to pbxnsip and i need to setup two different trunks in a dial plan. Here is my scenario... *Calls to a particular country or even to a particular international number should be routed to Trunk2. *All other international calls should be routed to Trunk1. Can someone plz help me with this? Thanks Vinod
  12. Hi, While making calls through x-lite/eyebeam softphones, we are facing echo problems. How can we avoid those in order to get a good quality on the calls. Please suggest. Thanks & Regards Vinod
  13. Hi Is there a way so that we can change the call recordings path. Probably to an attached backup drive on windows. Please advise. Thanks & Regards Vinod
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