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  1. /usr/lib folder libstdc++.so.6 19 23/04/2013 13:... rwxrwxrwx root libstdc++.so.6.0.10 841,264 04/01/2009 11:... rw‐r‐‐r‐‐ root
  2. snomONE folder libstdc++.so.6.0.13 874,176 20/11/2012 19:... rw‐r‐‐r‐‐ root mutex.txt 23,856,579 12/04/2013 17:... rw‐r‐‐r‐‐ root pbx ‐ Copy.xml 9,171 04/05/2012 14:... rwxr‐‐r‐‐ root pbx.xml 9,858 15/04/2013 11:... rw‐r‐‐r‐‐ root pbxctrl 13,125,084 20/11/2012 14:... rwxr‐xr‐x root pbxctrl.new 13,125,052 17/04/2013 21:... rwxr‐xr‐x root pbxctrl‐old 11,762,556 16/04/2013 19:... rwxr‐xr‐x root pbxctrl‐sheeva‐2011‐ 11,306,544 01/12/2011 19:... rwxr‐xr‐x root pbxctrl‐sheeva‐ 12,723,212 06/08/2012 13:... rwxr‐xr‐x root snomONE‐ctrl 30 05/12/2011 20:... rwxrwxrwx root
  3. Things are a little clearer now, I've found a Windows GUI interface and can see the full driectory structure now. I was using windows explorer and it was onlt showing me three folders. So i do have a /use/lib folder, but when i try: mv libstdc++.so.6 /usr/lib comes up with an error saying - mv: cannot stat `libstdc++.so.6': No such file or directory[/b][/b] so I assume this means there is no libstdc++.so.6 in the snomone directroy to move into the /usr/lib. when i look in the /use/lib folder there is a shortcut called libstdc++.so.6 (19kb) but it is has a red arrow in the corner - here is a file listing:
  4. sorry, i should have said the wget did download the file which is now in the snomone director
  5. I forgot to mention - I can't even get to the admin page now. Only SSH or SMB access to the shares.
  6. I'm having a bit of trouble with these commands. The wget works and downloads the new library, but the command mv libstdc++.so.6 /usr/lib comes up with an error saying - mv: cannot stat `libstdc++.so.6': No such file or directory any idea what the next step is? thanks
  7. Hi, I'm at the same stage as comment #8 - I can get to the admin page but not the pabx page and a non working snom soho. Do I just enter the commands in comment #18 or is there a little more to it? thanks
  8. That fixed it. Thanks to both of you for all your help.
  9. sorry for being a bit slow on this, but what do i have to do to the executable in this folder? I thought i only had to start and stop the service - or is this different taht restarting the whole box?
  10. Stuck on something else now. I have downloaded the lastest version pbxctrl-sheeva- - and run the commands: ln -sf pbxctrl-sheeva- pbxctrl chmod a+x pbxctrl but when i reboot the phone system the status page still says it is the old version 2011- (linux). Any ideas? thanks
  11. Good news - I didn't spot the test you left for me, and only tried the password snomONE....but then I re-read the message I got in with nosoup4U. thank for your help with this.
  12. Hi, I have replaced the shadow file, but still can't login with root/snomONE - i get the message access denied. Could there be some where within the snom one that i could have setup an IP restriction for SSH login by mistake, which would explain why i can access teh SMB share, but not SSH?
  13. sorry - that wasn't very clear. I can see two files called: shadow and one called shadow- (it is shadow with a hypen after it)
  14. can see two files in the etc folder - shadow and shadow- - what would i need to do?
  15. it's strange that i can get to the SMB share using root/snomONE, but not SSH. Thanks for your help anyway.
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