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  1. Can this be done on 4.5?
  2. I was asked today to check the call logs from yesterday afternoon and unfortunately they don't go back far enough in the web interface. Is there a way to access logs from further back?
  3. I have a problem that may be related to these... http://forum.snomone.com/index.php/topic/6575-snomone-plus-frequently-freezing/ http://forum.snomone.com/index.php?/topic/6379-snomone-gradual-deterioration/ About 2 weeks ago I noticed my phone wasn't registered. On checking the server is was powered off. Further, the power button wouldn't bring it back and I had to disconnect the power and reconnect it. It then booted up and ran fine for about a week before it happened again. It has now happened about 5 times in total but the frequency seems to be increasing. It is approximately 18 months old and is running 4.5. Neither it nor any of the phones have had any updates or configuration changes. It is installed in a rack in an air conditioned room on a UPS. Any ideas?
  4. Note: This was all working fine until this morning and nothing has changed. We have a snom one set up and working with accounts 41,42,43,44,49 and 7808 (for an odd DDI). Mine is 44. Accounts 41 and 43, when they dial 44 from their main phones get a "Forbidden" error. account 7870 is logged on to the same phone as 41 and that identity can ring 44 just fine from the same physical phone that account 41 can't. 49 can also ring me fine. Agent groups I am in can call my phone and my DDI works just fine. I have rebooted my phone, the phone of 43, and the server, all with no effect. Can anyone help me out here please, this is very odd behaviour and it's diving me insane.
  5. That doesn't log a phone into the agent group, that logs a user into an agent group, the phone would still need half a dozen identities logged into each user.
  6. Okay, now I know it's there I found that setting and upped it to 10. Thanks. Is there a way to get an extension to ring without logging it in to multiple users? For example I have users on accounts 41, 42, 43 and 44 and agent groups on 71 and 72. It would be awesome to be able to log in a phone to 71 and 72 so the agent group it's self rang the phone and instead of logging in to 4 users it just logged it to 2 groups.
  7. I currently have the following set-up. I have a phone on my desk logged in as me, extension 44. From there I am logged into several agent groups. I have colleagues with the same situation. We also have some phones in communal areas and we want these to ring at the same time as any desk phone in case people are away from their desks. Currently we do this by having the communal phones logged in to half a dozen identities so if extension 44 rings, it rings on several phones. This seems to be causing a problem as I am guessing the server only allows 4 or 5 registrations on each account. Is there another way to get the communal phones to always ring with any other extension without logging them in as the individual accounts? Most of the phones in question are Snom 870's with a couple of 821's if it makes any difference.
  8. I couldn't really find a good forum to put this in, sorry. We have an intranet at work and we would like to display some PBX details on it, specifically currently active calls and who is on the phone. Is there any way for me to get this info from the shomOne by API, REST or SOAP for example?
  9. Reproducible is difficult, I can only recall it happening about 3 times in the last 6 months. I can say however that 3 of the phones involved, the answered one and two that kept ringing, are all on the same local LAN, conenctedto the same switch, with the same firmware ( and are all 870's.
  10. Is it likely that it would lose registration with all the phones simultaneously except for the one that actually picked up the call?
  11. Today an bug occurred I could do with looking into. It has happened (to my knowledge) twice before. We have a SnomOne server and a number of Snom 870 and 821 extensions. Some of the extensions have a single user identity and a couple in communal areas have multiple identities for when people are away from their desks. The chain of events is as follows. An incoming call rang to an agent group and a couple of extensions started to ring. The call was picked up on one extension. The remaining extensions continued to ring even though the call was already answered. They continued ringing until each and every one of them was picked up (to no one on the other end of course). Any idea what may have caused this?
  12. I had considered that but was hoping there was an API for it, perhaps in the SOAP system or similar, shame really.
  13. The phones are getting the XML just fine, it is the SnomONE I want to push this data to.
  14. Finally fixed it, would you believe we had 4.2 installed (which doesn't have the feature) and an upgrade to 4.5 fixed it. Thanks for all the help.
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