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  1. I think I have answered my own question. I noticed that 715 does not save the URL where it supposed to look for config. It adds the line: prov/snom715-{mac}.htm after the URL. I tried three different browser with the same result. I cleared the cache on each, reset the phone to factory defaults retyped the url for auto provisioning only to came back after the reboot and that line is there. I guess I will contact SNOM for this since it appears to be their problem. Dusan
  2. Hello, I browsed the forum to see if there is a section for auto-provisioning but I do not see it so posting here. We are using PBX 5.1.2 version (long story why) and I am trying to provision a batch of SNOM 715 phones along with a batch of SNOM 720 phone. I customized that customer's specific domain with snom_720_phone.xml template and snom_710_phone.xml templates which came with the PBX. I was once informed that 710 and 715 are basically the same. 715 models came preloaded with firmware while 720 came with Provisioning for 720 went with no trouble. 715 behave like they do not know where to look for configuration. I have two questions: 1. Are there any 715 specific templates which we can use? 2. Why can't we use 710 teamplate? I would appreciate a timely answer since we need to deliver the phones to the customer in the next few days. Thank you, Dusan
  3. I guess I didn't communicate my confusion well enough? I am aware that I should resolve thisissue with service flags. The problem is I don't know how in this case. In other words how is one IVR going to play between 5 PM and 10 PM and then Regular message for the rest of the week comes on? Remember their regular time is 8 - 5 every day Something has to click between 5 and 10 on Monday and then after 10 again for the rest of the week...
  4. Hello, we have a customer who wants to play one message one day a week for few hours and then switch to a different one for the rest of the night/week. This second message will play for the rest of the week after normal business hours. I am struggling to set this up, here is the scenario: Monday regular hours are 8- 6 PM after this time one message will play till 10PM and then after 10 PM there will be another message (regular after hour message. This message will be playing for the rest of the week. So the only problem day is Monday between 6 PM and 10 PM. All other days are 8-6 regular hours. Dusan
  5. Has anyone tried these devices with Vodia PBX, any issues comments, good-bad. We are preparing a fairly lare installation and need to know if anyone had any experiance with these models. Thanks for any comments, Dusan
  6. <admin_mode_password>{admin-pin}</admin_mode_password> <admin_mode_password_confirm>{admin-pin}</admin_mode_password_confirm> This is what we have in config file, what do we need to change?
  7. One more question. Will the 7XX and 8XXX series phones get this update, or do we have to have separate templates for every model? Will do the second suggestion...
  8. We use only SNOM phones for auto provisioning. Under each domain------>advanced----->General Settings------>Provisioning Parameters we create a password and PIN. Once the phones are provisioned we try to log in to the phone via the web interface to change some settings on it. We cannot log in using either password or a PIN. I have found in the "generated" folder on the PBX which contains another seems randomly generated password, but that password seems to give access to the phone only from the phone keypad. 1. What is the correct password to use to log in to the phone via web interface since non we assigned seems to work? 2. Is there a way to have a custom configuration file somewhere on the server file which would provide some parameters to the phone during provisioning process? For example we want the phone to provide audio reminder when caller is put on hold. Thanks.
  9. We are currently running 5.1.2 of the server software. We use exclusively SNOM phones for auto previsioning. Currently here is what the phones get: Snom 300 Firmware version 8.4.35 Snom 320 Firmware version Snom 360 Firmware version 8.4.35 Snom 370 Firmware version 8.4.35 Snom 820 Firmware version 8.4.35 Snom 821 Firmware version 8..4.35 Snom 870 Firmware version Snom 710 Firmware version Snom 720 Firmware version Snom 760 Firmware version This was the template which came with the pbx when we deployed the current version of the server software. I have few questions: 1. Is this recommended phone firmware for our version of the server software. 2. We are recently experiencing random registration losses with 710's in one of our larger installations. Thee will be a phone or two which will loose the registration while others stay registered. We checked their network switches and they seem to have no issues. Is there recommended firmware update we should use for 710 or any other phones from the list above? Thanks, Dusan
  10. Can I use * instead of typing each extensions number in the hunt group if I want all extensions to ring? I tried consulting wiki today for this and other topics and all entries seem to be gone?
  11. I am little fuzzy on how to set up a multicast paging for a domain on a hosted PBX. What is confusing me is the multicast IP address and how will the phones learn it. In all our set ups each domain is on the LAN behind a NAT router. So which IP address will the phones look for/listen to? Can someone shed some light on this? Dusan
  12. Hello, we provide hosted solution to our customers. For various reason we decided to test Grandstream DP 715 and 710 as a part of our offering to our customers. We will primaraly use them for our residential customers.. In one of the scenarios a customer wants to use three handsets through their home. The base station is registered to one extension on the PBX. All (three) handsets are registered as well. When the incoming call comes in we were expecting all three handsets to ring simultaneously. That doesn't happen, only one handset rings. We tried various scenarios and none of them worked. Does anyone know how to achieve simultaneous ring on all handsets?
  13. I guess I am still confused. I wanted to have same AA in your example 100 playing the IVR greeting # 2 Mon-Fri.and IVR greeting # 3 weekend. It seems that you are saying that is not possible? Is that correct? If that is correct then I am not following the reasoning for 5 IVR greetings on AA???
  14. When the caller hears the greeting they neither press an option nor are they transfered to a specific VM, they are supposed to hear greeting # set on AA's IVR. In this case greeting # 2 Mon-Thursday after hours and the greeting # 3 Fri (after hours)-Monday when they reopen. Again, I can post what I have set up in a .pdf file, pictures can be helpful.
  15. I guess we are not communicating! I am aware of the screens you are showing me. If you go back to my original post I am trying to accomplish a specific playback. One greeting will play Mon-Thursday after business hours and another one will play Friday (After 5PM -Monday morning untill they open. I cannot upload the file which contains the pictures of my set up but if I am allowed to judging by the people who have been following this topic it may help quite a few folks. The size of my file is 520K.
  16. I really do not understand how this answers my original question?
  17. Does it mean that I need to create a separate service flag for the weekend? or can I use just one service flag?
  18. I have a similar situation as the posts in these topics: http://forum.vodia.com/index.php/topic/6370-service-flags-for-extension-mailbox-greetings/ http://forum.vodia.com/index.php/topic/1807-daynight-routing-and-lunch-routing/ Our customer wishes to direct AA Monday - Friday to an IVR greeting # 1 and Weekend Saturday - Sunday AA to an IVR greeting # 2 Can we use only one service flag for this? Right now we have it as: Mon-Friday 9- 5PM Saturday Sunday Service Flag 600 and in AA IVR greeting # 1 How can we trigger AA IVR greeting # 2 during the weekend?
  19. I was asked by a customer today how do they forward VM from one VM box to to another VM box (they do not want to use email). Their old key system had that feature. I didn't know the answer and I couldn't find it in documentation or listening to prompts. So, is there a way to forward a VM from one extension to another extension?
  20. djanjic


    Well I tried every possible setting with pull down menu's but as soon as we put 1 in the General settings for the domain the incoming call doesn't know where to go. I have a log file for successful and unsuccessful which I would submit privately. The provider uses "Broadvorks" softswitch. This is a problem for us which needs to be resolved since we cannot move forward with ether update.
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    I'll play with this over the weekend so we can restore from the backup if need be... Will let you know what I find out.
  22. djanjic


    We have several trunk providers and for some of them including 1 in the country code doesn't represent a big problem. Unfortunately one of our main trunk providers insists that we send them 10 digit number. If we include 1 in the country code we cannot make outbound calls since to them it appears as 11 digit number. How do we solve that issue in any new version 5.1.2V2 or 5.1.3?
  23. WE have a customer who wants to set up a general mail box with 4 different greetings. During the business hours if the call goes to VM they want greeting number 1. After hours They want greeting number 2 etc. I can provide them with web access and they can control those settings from the web. Two questions: 1. Is there a way that they can do that from the phone? 2. Is there a way that this can be done automatically?
  24. Yes, everything up to the point when it starts counting down is working as described and as before. As I said, this worked about month or so ago. It is when I select particular extension and when I click OK for the extension to be open. It is also evident on the phone because when I tell the phone when to look for provisioning, phone reboots but it never goes through the whole process.(updating firmware etc.)
  25. I tried every browser under the sun, refreshing each one and nothing. I even tried Mac PC. Looked at the firewall and even created an exception for TFTP port and still nothing. Is there a way to control this process from the machine itself?
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