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  1. We are trying to auto provision several Snom phones for a new customer and are running in to a strange problem. When we reach the point to open the PBX for MAC provisioning and clicking open for next 10 minutes, that command is not executed. We tried different PC-s with IE, Chrome, Firefox etc. From each PC or a browser the same result, we don't see that clock ticking back. This used to work about month ago. Does anyone have the same experience or a workaround?
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    We are currently on the hosted platform on version 5.1.2 so no licensing issues.We have tried to test this feature on one of our domains with an existing extension which has its own DID. We followed the instructions for this process posted here: http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Fax#Fax2Email_Setup . In attempt to make this work we have sent a fax from a regular fax machine connected to the POTS analog phone line to the DID number associated with that extension. The VM was set to pick up the call at 2 sec. This email box doesn't have any announcements. The fax never comer through. What are we doing wrong? Dusan
  3. Aftrer upgrading from version 4 to version 5.1 last night outgoing LD calls over Broadvox were not going out, just dead silence. Tech support at Broadvox was capturing our traffic and we were sending TCP instead of UDP: Resolution: In the Proxy filed after the domain name inserted line: ;transport=UDP that has fixed the issue. It may not be a bad idea for Snom administrator to post this resolution in the knowledge base if it hasn't been done already. I hope it helps some other folks. As a question are there similar resolutions available regarding other trunk providers? Dusan
  4. No phone was provisioned manually. Additionally we discovered one more anomaly. After placing an incoming call on hold we cannot retrieve the call back.
  5. Hello, strange problem, message/retrieve button doesn't work under default settings "Key Event"---> Retrieve. If we use speed dial ---> 8+extension number there is no problem. It doesn't present a huge problem but it is inconvenient because you have to program every phone for it... Any ideas? Dusan
  6. Who do I contact about that upgrade? This a hosted PBXnSIP version with 25 domains.
  7. It is, but the problem is that the file doesn't get created in the folder. The PBX acts like it is there but looking at the folder on the server it is not.
  8. We are trying to set up and custom MOH source on our multi tenant PXnSIP ver. 4.3. We are using the procedure described here: http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=MoH and here: http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Music_on_Hold_Sources. The PBX acts like the process has finished correctly but the file name we assigned to specific domain doesn't exists in the audio_moh directory. We have even copied the source file in to that directory but still no go. What are we doing wrong?
  9. when we get stuck like this we just reset to factory defaults via TFTP. It takes only few minutes and you have your phone back.
  10. Having this as an option would enable your hosted providers to offer trunking services. Just a thought.
  11. What would be the right way to do if you have multiple DID's?
  12. Hi Keith, what did you set up as your outgoing ANI on your trunk? What do you have under Remote Party/Privacy Indication on that trunk and finally check what do you have under "Rewrite Global Numbers". Most likely your provider requires outgoing caller ID set up properly which you may not be sending.
  13. I was wondering has any one attempted to set something like this up. For example, can you use Snom One as a trunk for a 3CX PBX. I was thinking something like this will work. Set up 3CX to be an extension on the Snom One and have a dial plan which will send anything coming from 3CX to a specific trunk. Anything coming to an ANI set up for that extension would be sent to 3CX. Is this too simplistic?
  14. This is probably a strange question but here it is. I remember reading somewhere in documentation that each SIP call takes two channels TX/RX so in an essence it is two calls. If the customer purchases two "lines" do I set up maximum number of calls to 2 or 4? Or better yet I want to limit him to 2 concurrent calls at which point either incoming or outgoing call will get busy signal. Which setting should I use?
  15. I have been reading this "Announcement" with an amusement and interest since our company was and early adopter of your PBX, PBXnSIP version 1. We have witnessed all of the changes your company went through. The company has gone through several models of business only to change each model after several years. Each time the change had brought the confusion, questions and in many instances angry-confused customers since it always included changes in pricing models. The marriage between SNOM phones and PBX didn't last that long and here we are with yet another model and yet another company, more questions more confusion. From the beginning we adopted the hosted PBX version model since we believed that future will most likely show that model as a winner. After visiting vodia.com site I cannot find an answer to my questions regarding hosted PBX, or is that another company? So my question is this: where do we find out about the future of hosted model? I will still call it PBXnSIP since that was what you guys were using to distinguish between Snom ONE and hosted model at least partially. If there is no one on this forum who can address this issue would you please direct me to the proper contact/forum/person who can answer some of the questions regarding the future of the hosted PBX. Thanks.
  16. Few things: 1. Check and make sure your router (if you are behind one) is allowing traffic on port 5060. 2. Are you registering to an IP address or FQDN? If FQDN make sure that the name is resolving. 3. We have been using PAP2T for years as an ATA of choice. Unfortunately lately after several months of being in operations these units are producing terrible results. Our customers start complaining about quality of calls. They require constant rebooting and are simply becoming unusable. We tried to go to SPA 122 and 112 but that appears to be even worse, not recommended. Good luck,
  17. Well it worked for few hours and then it stopped. I tried opening a ticket but received a message that the topic is to new and that I should wait for two days. Can you or someone who can make a change so I can open this ticket. I have wasted a lot of time on this and need to find a resolution. Thanks.
  18. Hi, I was able to make it work following these directions posted previously: Steps: 1. Create a park orbit account (this is the new account type), say 555 2. Domain->Settings->Star codes page - set both park and retrieve as the same star code, say *85 3. Create a button profile with "Name=7, Type=Park orbit, Parameter=555" 4. Assign this button profile to the snom phone/extension of your choice, say 200. 5. Log in to phone and see if the "Function Keys" page show this button set 6. Place a call to this extension 200 7. Answer the call 8. Put the call on hold and Press the park button 7. 9. You will hear the message that the call is parked on orbit 555 10. Caller will be hearing the music on hold 11. Press the retrieve button (same button 7) 12. You should be connected back to the call. This has worked with one exception, light will not blink on the button programed (7) for that function. Is that supposed to be the case?
  19. I have a question about all this, why doesn't this work if I set up phones manually? Are you saying that if we want to use these features on the phones we have to PNP every installation? This doesn't make sense. Also can you direct me to where I can open a ticket on this issue?
  20. No the phones do not PNP. I've tried both methods, PNP and assigning the buttons on the phone. Either one doesn't work. I will do one more experiment I will put the phones on the public network on which our server is on to see if they PNP or are able to park call to the orbit account... Also I checked on the system and the folder is not there. One more thing the similar problem has been discussed on this forum under the topic 4.2 bug. I posted there as well.
  21. I started a topic http://forum.snomone.com/index.php?/topic/5646-park-orbit-on-hosted-system/ which essentialy describes the same problem discussed in here. There are few differences: 1. We are using HOSTED VERSION (Win32). 2. We are using Snom's 320 and 370 with 8.4.32 firmware on them instead 870 which people are describing. We cannot make this work!!! If need be we can provide logs... Dusan
  22. OK I tried doing this following the directions you provided. I created button profile and assigned it to button 12. Then I tried to assign that button profile to several phones/extensions. Either I am doing something wrong or the phones will not receive the PNP information. When the call comes in and I put the caller on hold and press button 12 nothing happens? Part of the problem is that I will still have is that I have to introduce paging in this equation since they will need to page various people with an overhead paging system... Should I be even trying this in hosted environment? Dusan
  23. We are working with a potential customer trying to demo some of the features available. They are in need of park orbit feature due the way are doing their business now. I have tried to set up what they wanted on our HOSTED VERSION (Win32). We are using variety of phones Snom 370, 320 some with 8.4.32 and some with 7.3.30 and I simply cannot make it work. Buttons assigned to the function will blink but as soon as someone tries to press that button to retrieve the call it will loose the connection. Our PBX version is Has someone done this successfully?
  24. I was able to speak to Michael and he was able to take care of us with an upgraded license key. Thank you guys that is good customer service... Dusan
  25. If one of them will ever return my calls I may be able to speak with them. But I will never understand this policy which seems uterly flaud. Paying for "upgrades" wich essentially fix bugs created by upgrades. It simply doesn't make sense!!!
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