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  1. I have been reading this topic and it seems that other people have similar issues. We are running version in a hosted environment on Win32 machine and ever since we upgraded to it from version 3 the call pickup on the SNOM phones (300, 320, 370) no longer work. We have tried upgrading phones to newer firmware that doesn't work either. The only thing that will work properly is *87 which lets us buy but it would be nice to be able to hit the button of the extension that is ringing and get that functionality back.
  2. djanjic

    503 Error

    I have enabled "log trunk events" and "log registration events" are there any other loging parameters we should capture in order to provide them with more information on this?
  3. djanjic

    503 Error

    Hello, every now and then we receive the following error: Trunk "XYZ" changed to "503 Server Too Busy" (Registration failed, retry after 60 seconds). This is a notification email. Do not reply. I am confused with this error, is this an http or a SIP error. In the manual 503 is refereed to as "service unavailable". If we check when this happens the trunk is clearly not registered, it usually registers on the next attempt but it still presents problems. How can we prevent this from happening? Thanks.
  4. Last night we finally performed an upgrade from version 3 to latest version (Win32). Everything is working fine except the fact that we cannot view active calls any more. After the calls are completed they are all in the call log but no luck with active calls. Where can I look? I spent lot of time today trying to see if there is any setting that I may be missing. Any help would be appreciated, thanks...
  5. Hello everyone we have exact opposite problem for inbound calls. If we setup extension in the following manner: 300/5401234567 we do not get inbound call. But if we do: 300 5401234567 we do get an inbound call. The message in the log for that call is that Global Trunk could not identify user 5401234567. Our trunk provider sends us calls via their "Broadvox" switch. Can someone help?
  6. I don't know if it is valid use case but I can see this can happen like it did with us...
  7. Is there a way to do this in version and Snom phones. I can't find it either...
  8. I guess my question was not clear. We have this situation: DID number at xxx.domain.com I want to move the content of that number/extension with all associated recordings, VM etc to: same DID number yyy.domain2.com In other words moving the content of one extension from domain1 to domain2 Is that possible?
  9. Can you post SIP Invite log for some of these calls, that can give us some clue. Which version are you using?
  10. We have a situation in which we need to transfer-move extension, recordings, messages, announcements etc. from one domain to another. I can easily create new extension in the domain I need this transfer to occur but the goal is to transfer everything associated with the existing extension in another domain. I am not aware of any procedure I can use to do that. Can someone help?
  11. We have around 20 domains hosted on our PBX. Recently we have set up a new customer, brand new domain, with two extensions and two ANI (DID) numbers assigned to those extensions. The problem we are seeing is that incoming calls to one DID number work fine while the other, second number, does not. Incoming call on a trunk doesn't know where to send calls even though the number is defined in the extension for that domain. All our other numbers in separate domains work fine only this one does not. Totally confused! Can someone offer any insight?
  12. Thank you for this update. That fixed it, but what I am puzzled with is why I couldn't get this answer any sooner even thou I was fishing for it judging my original post. PBXnSIP is a great product, we have been using it since version 1 and it gets better and better with every new release, but lack of support is still the problem… Dusan
  13. Strangely it aapears when the topic gets moved from "general setup" forum it gets forgoten. Why is that the case? Is it because no one knows how to solve the issue, hard to beleive, or is it some other reson? If it is other reason it would be nice to know what that might be? Dusan
  14. Calls are going in and out fine. CDR are getting updated, every evening I do receive the CDR reports for several domains and they are all correct. Only the call log page doesn't show any changes...
  15. Few days ago I started a new post/topic with a strange problem after updating to ver. 3. I had few exchanges with administritator but today when I loged back in to check on the status I could not find this topic anywhere on the board. I was wondering what happened to it? Dusan
  16. I am looking from different computers, hitting F5, nothing helps.
  17. That is the problem page is reloaded and it is still showing the same data as of the time of the switch, it doesn't change! I am looking for what used to be availablefor and I beleive still is, current call log for every domain on our server, see the attachment. If you look at it you will see that there is no change since 04/02, the date and time when we made a switch. So again that page is stuck in the past...calllogscreen.pdf
  18. When I check web interface for call log I do not see any changes occuring since the time we updated. I can see calls online comming in and out from various domains. At the end of the day, midnight, I do get a report with CDR for that day and they seem to be correct. My question is whyI cannot see call log being updated on the web interface for each domain? I remember while at training in Miami we had some issue with stuck mail and Kevin had pointed us to some file in the file system which needed to be reset or recreated, can't remember exact procedure. So I was wondering if there is some similar file that hasn't been properly updated in file system that is causing this error? Dusan
  19. Yesterday we performed upgrade from ver 2 to ver 3. This was performed on Windows based machine. The upgrade was performed in these steps. 1. Made a full backup, copied the full C:\program files\pbxnsip\pbx to another computer while the service was stopped. 2. On another computer restored this file system and fired pbxnsip version 3. Performed all trunk and ANI fixes, mostly involving outgoing caller ID on each trunk. 4. Made sure that all DID’d were pointing top proper extension. 5. Made a backup of that file system, copied to another location on the original computer. 6. Stopped the service on the first, original machine. 7. Restored the file system from the backup machine overwriting the original. 8. Fired up the new version. Everything works fine except my call log is not updating. I can see incoming and outgoing calls but the call log is stuck to the time when I actually performed restoration. Is there something on the file system that we need to reset in order for this to work again? If there is what do we need to do?
  20. djanjic


    Yes, that is what I meant. We are using version and I don't seethe box "Use same settigns for all domains" which can be checked...
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    I checked logging settings and I checked every domain we have on our server and neither is showing the error but it is still in the log. [3] 2009/01/30 11:36:21: SMTP: Cannot resolve mail.rockbridge.ne6t I have a feeling that some internal file on the server is damaged (has this typo) and that it needs to be fixed. The worst of it all is that sometimes I do get VM attachments and other times I don't... Almost never I check my VM with my phone... I also have no idea how many hosted customers can be affected by this?
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    Recently I noticed that I am not receiving VM in to my email box. After some checking in lto ogs I realize that there is a typo for our mail server: [3] 2009/01/29 22:00:10: SMTP: Cannot resolve mail.rockbridge.ne6t (should be mail.rockbridge.net) I looke everywhere and cannot find it. Every screen appears to be correct. Is there a file on the server which holds this information so I acan manualy change it? Thanks
  23. Where can I check email logs if such thing exists? In the past few days I haven't received my regular call log reports and I haven't received few voice mail messages. I want to see where does this get stuck?
  24. I can't find black-list. That is exactlty what I want...
  25. I have searched the forum for this topic and couldn't find anything. Is it possible to block-reject an incoming call from a specific caller ID. The scenario is this: An extension has a DID # and tel:alias associated with it. Is it possible to block an incoming call if the call dials DID number directly? I couldn't find it...
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