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  1. seemed to be an issue with a trunk setting 'Rewrite global numbers' we had to specify to 'Use + symbol at beginning'
  2. I also have several Cisco 7911 phones that we cannot use because can't get to work with pbxnsip. I would really appreciate it if you could send me a config file?
  3. I checked the Current Trunks on the Trunks tab and it shows : ItsGenie Manchester (26) 200 OK (Refresh interval 30 seconds) REGISTER NAVMS Project (24) 200 OK (Refresh interval 30 seconds) REGISTER Patton 4114 FXO (27) Voip.co.uk (11) 200 OK (Refresh interval 60 seconds) REGISTER Voipcheap (19) 200 Ok (Refresh interval 30 seconds) REGISTER Voipfone 200 (18) 200 OK (Refresh interval 30 seconds) REGISTER Voipfone 201 Implementation (15) 200 OK (Refresh interval 30 seconds) REGISTER Voipfone 202 old number warning (21) 200 OK (Refresh interval 30 seconds) REGISTER The Dial Plan shows : Pref Trunk Pattern Replacement 80 Voipcheap 907* 07* 90 Voipfone 200 90* 0* 90 Voip.co.uk 970* 0*
  4. I ran the manual upgrade procedure following notes http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Installi...#Manual_Upgrade but we were unable to dial out and received an error stating we had no credit left. I had to switch back to the old version till I could figure out what is wrong. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  5. Is there a newer and stable version out?
  6. I checked the 'External Voicemail System' and there is nothing in there. The mailbox is not registered to a phone, it is just in the system and it uses software on the PC called Eyebeam. On the Email settings page I have : Email Address : user@userdomain.com Send a mailbox message by email : Send message as attachment to email After sending a message : Keep message as new message Send email on missed calls : Yes Send email record for all calls : No Send email on status changes : Yes I have also just tried on another mailbox and same thing happens.
  7. One of our mailboxes I cannot retrieve any voicemail messages directly from the PBX. Whenever I dial it says 'no voicemail available'. However, I know that there is and I have to set the voicemail to send an email as an attachment. We are running Any ideas anyone?
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