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    Problem activating demo licence on Windows installation

    Hi, I have resolved the issue by installing the soft PBX on a different machine. I suspect there was some conflict between the PBX and an IIS instance I had running. I did configure alternate http, https & LDAP ports on the original install. So not exactly sure what the issue might have been. Anyway, something to keep in mind if you run into similar problems. Dougal
  2. Hi, I have applied my demo licence to my Windows installation but it doesn't look like it's activated successfully. After saving the activation code I see this: After a few seconds, this appears: Then it goes back to the first image. The response from the AJAX request the PBX is making to your activation server suggests that the activation is failing ("licensed":false). Is there a support email address I can use to follow this up with (so I can provide my Vodia user ID & licence/activation code info)? UPDATE: Went to check on the activation status and found this amusing Thanks, Dougal
  3. FatherDougal

    Acquiring a demo licence

    Hi, After a bit more digging around I saw that if I went to https://vodia.com/en/versions there's a link to https://vodia.com/en/cart?item=free&amount=1 where I've gotten a licence. Interestingly, after that then a shopping cart icon appears beside the 'Account' dropdown menu across the top of the page - it wasn't there before. The instructions in the links in my original post said " go to our online license portal, put a "free" license into the cart and go through the checkout process". But I didn't see a shopping cart icon. Maybe the text should include a direct link to the 'Vodia PBX Bundles' page (https://vodia.com/en/versions) as it's not clear what the 'licence portal' refers to. I've generated a licence and have applied it to my local Windows installation. It's currently having difficulty activating the licence. I'll give it another while and see if it eventually activates. If not, I'll be back. Thanks, Dougal
  4. FatherDougal

    Acquiring a demo licence

    Hi, Wondering if anybody's been through the experience of getting a demo licence. The instructions say that, after registering on vodia.com and going to the licensing portal from where you can add a free demo licence (https://vodia.com/documentation/index & https://vodia.com/documentation/license) but it looks like the screen shots are from an old version of the Vodia website (where there is a shopping cart). I've logged a ticket with Vodia support to find out how I can arrange a demo licence but I was wondering if anybody's been through this procedure recently. Thanks, Dougal
  5. FatherDougal

    CDR web service in ASP.NET

    Hi, I'm trying to define a SOAP web service in an ASP.NET website (i.e. server side) so that it can receive CDR data from a SNOM PBX via SOAP. The stumbling block appears to be with the 'sns' namespace: <env:Envelope xmlns:env="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:sns="http://soap.com/pbx"> <env:Body> <sns:CDR> ... The URL of the 'sns' namespace doesn't even appear to be valid but the SOAP data I've been given is being logged to iTestVoip. Comparing the sample SNOM CDR SOAP request that I have been given with the sample SOAP request that the ASP.NET web service gives me shows some other significant differences and I could be on a completely incorrect path to a solution. In other words, it mightn't even be possible to receive CDR via a regular off-the-shelf ASP.NET web service. Do I have to implement a custom POST handler instead? So if anyone out there has any (server side) experience with implementing such a web service on an ASP.NET website I'd appreciate any input. Thanks, Dougal