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  1. G'Day everyone. I'm trying to set up a Snom 320 to 2 x SPA3102 with an analogue connected to the FXS port(line 1)on each of them.Every other thread I have seen people are connecting the SPA3102 to the PSTN (FXO) line. I would have just used the ATA's as I have in the past but it is required for this set up using an IP Snom phone. Have been able to get the Snom to call the analogue phone but not the other way when the analogue phone is taken off hook. I know that this is a strange set up with no PABX or soft PBX set up. Question is that can it be registered with each other and how. I might be missing something as I'm new to this kind of field. Any help would be greatfull.
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