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  1. Hi, Seems that I am the only FreeBSD user of the Snom ONE?... Would it be possible that I can have a FreeBSD binary for the version? It has some fixes that I am looking for. (ie. *When matching inbound calls on trunks, the PBX does not check the presence of it's IP address any more.) In addition, would it also be possible that a PBXnSIP Win32 build could be released, too? I have another box that is still running (Win32) ... Its license covers the upgrade till May.31 2012. I think I can at least upgrade it to some release of 4.5.0, but I couldn't find the
  2. Hi, Looks like I am the only FreeBSD user here..... Any change for a FreeBSD version of 2011- ? Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi, Just wondering if there will be a FreeBSD binary for Release 2011- I have been waiting for like a month.. .. Thanks.
  4. I don't think the WAN light blinks when it is connected, but I'll check tomorrow. Only the power light stays on (if no ethernet cable connected).
  5. Hi all, We have a CS410 that is used for our SIP devices' test bed. The device is on a public network and is protected with a good password. Yesterday, our engineer told me that they can't access the cs410. I figured that it does not respond to pings. Therefore, I reboot the device, but still can't ping the box. I then do a factory reset by pressing the reset button till the fxo lit up and power cycle the box. Unfortunately, I still couldn't get a ping from the box after the reset (I ping after reset). When rebooting, the Run light will lit for about 40 seconds an
  6. I can offer our login credentials if you have time to check it out. (but I can't send a PM to you though.)
  7. I just tried, but still couldn't get the certificate to work. I deleted the domain certificate first. I then installed our certificate + private key as the server certificate. I also tried to install our certificate with Equifax root CA + private key, both does not work. Snom ONE will use self-generated certificate in HTTPS connection afterward. Any ideas?...
  8. It is still easier than Calculus, IMHO..... I actually have added our certificate as the server certificate for the PBX, and I also added the certificate from Equifax Secure Certificate Authority as the root CA for both server and client. But Snome ONE still uses self-generated certificate. (I have also tried to add our certificate + Equifax certificate as the server certificate as well) I think the problem is that Snom ONE will uses self-generated certificate when the client requests a certificate using IP address. An easy way to test is to connect the server using https://ip.address
  9. Umm... this is getting more interesting now. I just figured out that, the server will use different certificates in HTTPS connection with different browsers, and only FireFox (both 3.6 and 4.0) could make the server use the correct certificate. My test result: FireFox: correct certificate used IE 8.0: self-generated certificate used Chrome 11: self-generated certificate used IE 9.0: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage (duh!!) It seems that the Snom ONE server has different HTTPS/TLS behavior with different agents (which cause my problem). Does anyone see this as well?
  10. I just tried, but it still did not work..... I converted the Equifax_Secure_Certificate_Authority.cer to DER format and uploaded to the phone. I also cleaned up the certificates in the Snom One server as well, and only the purchased certificate and the Equifax_Secure_Certificate_Authority certificate were kept. I still got the same error message from the phone: [1] 8/5/2011 00:09:49: TLS: Could not verify certificate <Country: DE; State: Berlin; Locality Berlin; Organization: Snom Technology AG; Common Name: 000413440000; eMail: >. Unknown issuer <Country: DE; State: Berlin; Lo
  11. Hi, Could anyone help me on getting the certificate working on our Snom ONE? We bought a RapidSSL certificate for our SIP server, and I can see the server uses the new certificate in HTTPS connection right after I install the certificate. I then turn on the strict certificate verification option in our snom phone to get better security over the connection. However, the phone shows that the server does not uses the purchased certificate. Instead, it still uses self-generated certificate in the TLS connection. Could anyone shed some light for me? Attached is some information that ma
  12. I know.... but do you have any schedule on releasing v4 on FreeBSD?
  13. Hi, I'm wondering if there is any 4.0 binaries available for FreeBSD? Or when it will be available.. Thanks.
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