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  1. I'm going to use internal LDAP (AD) lookup mechanism of Snom phones. Honestly speaking address book is not a top priority in this project. Setup schema and high load with more than 200 calls at the moment is still actual for me.
  2. Thank you, snom ONE, for quick response. One important point. Client has 8 E1 trunks. Thus 240 channels make huge traffic and I do not know how to process it by multiple PBXs. Could someone post any schema or diagram how to make it. I read a lof of articles that I certainly have to use Sip Proxy for this but I did not find any articles how to setup sip proxy with pbxnsip (snomone). Thank you in advance.
  3. Dear all, I need an advice. One of my clients asked me for a solution for 2000 users. It's big office with one solid IP network. I know that SnomOne is a system for 150 extensions (mid size). Also heard that someone use it with 300-500 extensions. My sipp tests demonstrates that one SnomOne system can operates about 150 calls. In the "snomONE_online_book.pdf" on page 142 in article "Connecting Branch Offices Together" I read how to connect two PBXs. Therefore I think that I can split client's site to 4 or 6 PBXs and connect each other as gateways. Every pool of phones will be connected to different PBX. For instance: Extensions 1000-1099 belongs to pbx1.company.com Extensions 2000-2099 belongs to pbx3.company.com Extensions 3000-3099 belongs to pbx3.company.com Extensions 4000-4099 belongs to pbx4.company.com Extensions 5000-5099 belongs to pbx5.company.com Extensions 6000-6099 belongs to pbx6.company.com Is it good idea to make big project by using multiple PBXs? Do I have to use Sip Proxy and if so what proxy is good for me? SnomeOne uses xml files for configuration. Is the any ideas how to use one "master" PBX and split settings to pbx1-pbx6 ? Do anyone know how to make big installation using SnomOne? Any ideas are much appreciate. Thank you in advance. //snom user
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