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  1. Can someone please explain how to upload the music on hold file when using a file-based source on the CS410/425 Appliance? The device doesn't seem to allow FTP or SAMBA access, and I can't see any facility for uploading the file through a browser either?
  2. Are there any third party MWI products for Exchange 2007 which are known to work with pbxnsip? I haven't found any which list pbxnsip as a supported IP PBX. I have tried manually sending some SIP NOTIFY messages to pbxnsip with the relevant data, but it always responds with 404 not available. The SIP OPTIONS command does not list NOTIFY as supported. Is there a setting I have to enable somewhere in PBXnSIP for it to accept unsolicited notify messages from a SIP gateway (i.e. Exchange)? As it doesn't appear to support these messages I am wondering if it is possible for a 3rd party product to achieve this?
  3. Did you ever find a solution to this? I've found it also changes the tone scheme back to United States (instead of Australia) every time it reboots, which is unbelievably annoying.
  4. Yes, I can confirm this bug is happening on my system too with version At the moment it is preventing us from being able to use the device at all.
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