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  1. Help.... its me again, same issue. What is the proper syntax for manually creating an allow xml entry for the access list? I mistakenly deleted the one I created the last time I was blacklisted. I think it looked like this. will this work? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <row><adr>MY IP ADDRESS</adr><expires></expires><mask>32</mask><reason></reason><type>Allow</type></row> Or <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <row><adr>MY IP ADDRESS</adr><expires></expires><mask>32</mask><reason></reason><type>true</type></row> thanks in advance!
  2. My SNOM One isn't responding to http requests. I checked the access list, and nstat shows port 80 is listening... and ideas? The system is working, calls go through, etc. but no access to the admin portal. my system is running on a VM.
  3. Oh ok, cool, its running on a VM, I'll restart it.
  4. Thanks, I tried that, and for some reason not getting a response. Not to SSH or HTTPS/HTTP, I'm stuck.
  5. Hi, I changed some faulty hardware in my home office network and was assigned a new IP from my ISP. I have my blacklist set to 10080 minutes (the max) and my sip phone tried to register enough times to get my new IP blacklisted. Now I can't SSH or register from my home office IP. Any suggestions? If I do get SSH access, is there a command line way to add/delete from the access list?
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