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  1. Hello, i am new to the Snom One and in desperate need of some help. I have installed Snom One on a Mac Mini running Mountain Lion 10.8.2. The installation went through without problems. Now I have tried to change the ports for HTTP and HTTPS from the default ports 80 and 443. As recommended on the Snom One wiki page, I clicked "Save" and restarted the service with the sudo-commands described on the Release Corners --> Installers (Release 4.5) Page. Unfortunately, I can still reach the PBX on the default ports and the Ports page shows the default ports although I have changed them I have tried changing the values in the pbx.xml file in /usr/Applications/snomone/ which seems to work fine but a soon as I restarted the PBX the values in the file are changed back to the default ports. Does anyone have a clue why that happens and can help me out on this issue? Thank you for your help! Marcel
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